Looking at the Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning-remaster unchanged

Today, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is released – one of the strangest remasters of this year. It looks strange, first of all, because it will be difficult to see the changes even for a dedicated fan of the original game. The developers promise updated graphics and improved gameplay, but in fact the player will get improved textures, where it will not be so easy to see the difference with the old ones, and an increase in contrast.

The remaster was made so mediocre that in the game you can still see the antediluvian and monstrous menu interface, sprawling buttons and other joys of low-budget development. In all other respects, Re-Reckoning remains a fairly average game, even for 2012.

Actually, it is not very clear why this remaster was released, since the game did not offer any interesting solutions even at the time of the original release. This applies not only to the game mechanics, but even to the plot and world of the game, which also draws on classic fantasy and represents the classic path of the hero.

The world built on the principles of mmorpg mechanics, without social interaction, loses most of its gloss and joy from the game. It was almost impossible to notice the changes in the gameplay within the remaster, and among the advantages you can note the convenient control, and the absence of bugs and crashes of the original.

In other words, this remaster is unlikely to be able to attract and retain the modern generation of gamers and it will only have to count on a nostalgic note.

Even more surprising is the desire of developers to release a paid DLC in the near future, which is unlikely to be able to offer some fundamentally new experience for gamers and significantly improve the position of the project. In general, it is boring, empty, incomprehensible.