Manual: choosing the best dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

Not all dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive are created the same, so you will have to work hard before your prehistoric predator team is perfect for PvP battles. Some of them are well protected, others have an advantage in speed – which dinosaurs to choose for a successful start, which of them will make up the core of your team? We present you the best, in our opinion, dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive.

Before you dive into the game, remember a few basic rules for selecting dinosaurs for your team:

Levels matter. A Level 5 velociraptor is much better than a Level 3 velociraptor anyway, even if you have seriously upgraded the latter's abilities.

Rarer dinosaurs are good not only for their rarity – their parameters exceed the characteristics of more common species. Most often, they start from a higher level and with more abilities.

< /p>Dinosaur hybrids, which, unfortunately, you will not be able to unlock at the start of the game, are better than others in that they inherit qualities from both parents. So try to get them as quickly as possible.


Raptors have a considerable advantage in speed, which is quite enough to fight with any opponent. In addition, they have the ability Pounce (surprise attack), which reduces the damage from the opponent dinosaur by 50 percent and is restored after just one turn. This helps you survive even with low health and allows you to destroy two opponents in a row. Your raptor will be able to survive in battle longer than others, and this is important. The only caveat – it is necessary to increase its level.


Even without special protection, which is only 15 percent, this dinosaur has a high level of health compared to the most well-protected species. And it does a lot of damage. Its advantage is the Thagomizer ability, which reduces the speed of the selected target by three moves. This means that after a properly executed attack using this ability, the stegosaur will be able to attack first for three turns, which significantly increases its chances of winning.


Despite the fact that it does not differ in special speed and health, just as it does not cause huge damage, this dinosaur has a couple of interesting abilities. The first is Pinning Strike, a strike that blocks the enemy's ability to switch to another dinosaur, which is what the game's AI especially likes to do. And the second-Short Defense-creates a shield that blocks 50 percent of the damage for two turns. In addition, Mayungasaurus has a passive Counter-Attack ability, which means that it deals damage to the enemy equal to what it received itself. This ability can turn the tide in almost any battle.

Second-generation Ankylosaur

Ankylosaurs combine a high level of health with good protection, and, in addition, they have a good speed that allows them to outrun other predators in the attack. Its main advantage is still protection, 25 percent of which is successfully combined with the ability of Long Protection, which creates a 50 percent shield for as many as 4 moves. Another ability - Vulnerability Strike-gives 75 percent protection, and this allows you to stand up in battle.