Midnight Star - tips and strategy for passing

Midnight Star is far from the standard FPS that you are used to. This game is focused on high-speed shooting and achieving high results. The presence of free-to-play mechanics and control features can make it difficult for you to start in this game, so we would like to offer you some strategic tips that will help you act correctly and achieve superiority over the enemy. These tips will help you not spend real money, and if you do, then do it wisely.


Midnight Star has its own features, delving into which you can feel much more confident in the game. One of the most important such features is the reloading of weapons. You will have to learn how to quickly tap on the "Reload" button, otherwise you will not score a large number of points. Please note that recharging takes time, and this is the main problem.

nThe best idea in this case is to upgrade the reload speed of your starting weapon, and you need to upgrade it as quickly as possible. After a couple of such upgrades, you will be able to reload in between shots without even noticing it.

Get into the habit of not shooting too much without reloading, so as not to suddenly be left completely unprotected. And remember that increasing the size of the image with the zoom while your store is empty leads to automatic reloading.

G Aiming

the second thing you should learn in Midnight Star is aiming. The zoom is activated by spreading your fingers on the screen of your device, and this automatically directs you to the nearest target. If it is difficult to make a good headshot in normal mode without a zoom, then with a zoom you can destroy the aliens literally with one shot, so use this technique more often.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the different manner of movement characteristic of different types of opponents. Most of them are able to dodge effectively, which will create some difficulties for you when shooting.

We recommend that you shoot at the moment of movement: first, it will be difficult for you to calculate the moment of the shot, and secondly, you will swing from side to side, which means that the accuracy of shooting will suffer.

Weapon upgrade

We recommend that you upgrade both weapons that you got at the start of the game as quickly as possible. This way, you will make them more deadly and shooting more successful. At the same time, you will not need to spend significant amounts on the purchase of new weapons.

Gpostarayte to speed up the upgrade process as much as possible, without sparing the premium currency. If it turns out that it is over, do not worry – you can still use your weapon, despite the fact that it is in the process of improving. The same applies to your special moves – upgrade one of them, and it will be more profitable than trying to get others.

Only after you have improved your special movement, you should pay attention to other features of your character. At the normal difficulty level, you will be able to complete the levels even with standard weapons, using a pistol when a single shot is needed. It makes sense to expand your arsenal only if you switch to a higher difficulty.

Gizuchite opponents

G In this game, there are not so many types of opponents, and their movement and attack patterns will be easy for you to remember. This is useful to you in order to react as quickly as possible to the appearance of enemies, knowing in advance what you can expect from them and with what movement their attack begins.

For example, tall, thin aliens can break you hard, but you are able to stop them with a double shot to the head as soon as they begin to attack. If the nah are wearing helmets-quite another matter, here head shots will be ineffective, and you will need to shoot them with missiles.

Kak you see, you need to learn which of the enemies has what kind of attack, what is dangerous and what is able, and then you will be one step ahead of all opponents.

Here are some tips

Always keep an eye on the icons that allow you to change the viewing angle. If one of them turns orange, it means that in that direction outside the screen, someone is trying to attack you.

Do not lose sight of containers that are flickering blue or red. The blue containers give you crystals when hit, and the red ones will provide you with health boosters. This is especially useful for you in boss battles.

g Use a machine gun against bosses, and a pistol against small-sized enemies. Do not forget that you need to aim the machine gun lower than you need, as the recoil moves your sight up.