Mobile games under the Christmas tree: what to play in the New Year holidays

So, the New Year holidays are approaching. It's time to add a few points of New Year's mood with the help of digital entertainment. Fortunately, the correct smartphone is usually lying nearby. But what if Monument Valley 2 is already explored up and down, from Guns of Boom to calluses, and The Witness, Framed 2, and Talos Principle are solved? It's simple.

Gthe gamers have long been a tradition in the New Year tradition to take up their backlog-a list of games that were left without attention. If you are hearing about it for the first time, and you do not have it, then right now we will help you make it.

No before we start:

1) in this list there will be no loud names, which at one time were trumpeted by the whole Internet;

2) if you play during the New Year holidays, this does not necessarily mean that it should snow on the screen, and the main character – santa Claus hat on his head.

Gmagic drink (Potion P.)

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No we will start with a project whose developers have not stinted to add a New Year's atmosphere with the help of standard, but recognizable holiday attributes: snow, garlands and gifts.

Eto is a game in the genre of time management (not to be confused with the habit of writing every second of your time), where you need to have time to complete tasks in a strictly allotted time.

V "Magic Drink" you own a magic cafe, which offers visitors various potions and no less strange snacks: fried geckos and mandrake roots.

gOsnova gameplay is based on mixing drinks. First, one color component must be poured into a service container, and then-poured into the customer's glass. But from the first levels, the task will be complicated by the fact that polite orcs, elves, dwarves and only occasionally people will demand drinks of a color that you do not have in the assortment. We'll have to mix it up. And if in your first establishments everything is limited to the combination of two colors, then the range will include light green, lilac and brown colors. Mixing them is not a problem, but when five customers are waiting for their cocktail, and the delay will deprive the much-desired tip, then you have to sweat pretty much. Yes, and an umbrella in the form of a dried snake on the table.

G At the end of each level, you will receive coins for the purity of execution, customer satisfaction and completion of all tasks. You can use them to improve both bar accessories and cafe attributes, which will increase the size of the tip or the average waiting time of the customer.

gmany games can attract their own visual style. The drawing of the characters resembles those from modern animated series: especially Gravity Falls or fresh Duck Stories. You can play for free, and in-game purchases are not necessary.

The Guides Axiom

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the New Year does not necessarily have to choose something simple and relaxing. If you agree with this idea, download the game. It consists of a dozen puzzles built on puzzles and ciphers.

This project is not for fans of press X to win. They won't even explain the goals here. You just find yourself on the first level and start solving problems. Sometimes it will be easy. Sometimes you will need to go back a few episodes. And in some cases, just postpone the game and return to it in a few days, with a fresh mind and strength.

Da, sometimes you will feel very uncomfortable, but the feeling of solving another puzzle can not be compared with the passage of a colorful, but still quite intuitive level in the same Monument Valley 2.

And it can also be considered a high-quality training for solving real cryptographic problems, of which the world is full. Perhaps it is you who can solve the cipher of ancient civilizations, having trained in The Guides Axiom.

Zip Zap

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LEGO everyone knows, and do you remember the metal constructors that had to be assembled with bolts and nuts. Developer Philipp Stollenmeier apparently remembers. After all, it is based on them that the gameplay is built in his puzzle Zip Zap.

Nessmeet the fact that everything looks very complicated, the control is done with a single gesture. By tapping on the screen, you make the red part shrink. This leads to the fact that it affects others. Releasing your finger, you return it to its original position. That's all.

gA the main task is just to get to the final point. The simplicity of the gameplay along with the challenging puzzles make the game extremely addictive. The best thing in the New Year holidays.

Hustle Castle

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GES If you find at least one successful game on the basis of which enterprising developers have not done something similar... then you can do it yourself. And we have a project in the studio for the arrangement of the castle, which is suspiciously similar to Fallout Shelter. By the way, it is also updated for the new year, so the festive atmosphere here is the most immediate.

Your main task is to build and improve your own castle with an iron throne and meeting rooms. The laws of physics of the game are not subject to the laws of physics, so create with a free soul.

GNOS, of course, is only one of the elements of the gameplay. In Hustle Castle, you will find a full-fledged story company, where you will first need to prepare an army of fighters, and then send it against the hordes of the enemy. If you pass it completely, you can take on other players. There is a full-fledged multiplayer. Go "on a visit" to other players and do what your heart desires.

GProject is quite fresh, but large-scale and with an already formed fan base, so soon we will expect clans, portals for quick movements, caravans, if you are suddenly a pacifist, and new missions in the plot.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

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I want to finish this collection not with a session game, but with a full-fledged adventure. You all know the Banner Saga, Syberia and Fahrenheit series, which are perfect for this time of year.

Never Alone: Ki Edition is not so popular, but at the time of its release it was awarded dozens of awards, and this is one of the best games that you can play during the New Year period. The gameplay is a puzzle game with a lot of intuitive and interesting tasks. Plot-the action takes place in the far, far north, where snow, cold and darkness prevail.

gI It is there that the girl Nuna has to survive. Fortunately, it is not alone, as we are warned in advance in the title. There is always a loyal Arctic fox nearby. It will help you overcome difficult places, and get rid of opponents, calling for the help of spirits. Yes, you are far from alone here. The game has amazing graphics that perfectly convey the atmosphere of the snow-covered north. In the process, you will learn more about the world around you. And he will reveal the secrets of Nuna herself.

The main claim to the game is management. But given the number of advantages, you can close your eyes to this and give yourself a simultaneously intense and charming winter adventure.