Multiplayer for Android and iOS: 8 games for the whole family for the holidays

The New Year holidays are approaching, the time of holidays and vacations, when you spend winter evenings with family and friends. When you get bored with conversations, and all the most interesting movies are reviewed, it's time to dive into gadgets – and then you will need the games from our selection – the ones that you can not play alone.

King of Opera

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gEta game, for all the seriousness of its name,is not so. In it, you will become the king of the opera stage, but you will have to do it in a very special way – pushing the rival singers off the stage. You are offered 6 game modes and a variety of characters to choose from-opera singers and singers of solid build and in no less solid costumes. Humorous multiplayer for four players on one device – the perfect entertainment for a winter evening with your family.


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gBitva fingers-this development is difficult to call in another way, and, indeed, in it you and your friends will have to take part in a kind of battle. Gather a group of two to four players, sit them down at the tablet and let each of them choose the color of the tiles that will appear on the screen. And then – tap on the tiles of the selected color and score points, and the tiles, meanwhile, will become smaller...


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Gocherednaya cooperative game for a company of two to eight players, fun and original. This time, you and your family or friends will have to test yourself in the role of the crew of a spaceship that is about to crash. Only teamwork will help save the situation. In front of you on the screen is a remote control, full of strange inscriptions and incomprehensible switches. You randomly get sets of instructions that will help you save the ship, but here's the problem – these instructions are not for you, but for another player.

Rdon't Fall in the Hole

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The goal of this title, and really, corresponds to the name – your hero does not need to fall into the hole in the playing field, and to do this, fire at opponents from a cannon, trying to push them and hold on to himself. This exciting multiplayer battler involves the participation of two to 4 players in spectacular battles on the same device. Boosters and powerups are waiting for you, but be careful – the recoil from your own shots can push you down just like enemy shells.

RDrive Ahead

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Gladiator car battles will help you test your relationships with friends and relatives and brighten up winter evenings. In this game, you will be able to fight them in local multiplayer mode both on one screen and on two separate devices over Wi-Fi. Break the enemy's car into small parts, thereby relieving stress – why not?!

Battle Golf

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Gposostyazat in golf in the winter, without leaving home and inviting a friend to play with you in Battle Golf. Your task is to throw the ball into the hole first, and in the intervals you can try to defeat the opponent himself with a well-aimed shot at the ball. But that's just as lucky. In any case, it looks funny and very entertaining.

Slamjet Stadium


Here you will have to do everything that you were not advised to do – participate in dirty games, pushing your opponent's hoverbikes off the field, go to the ram, sweeping away everyone in your path – in short, break the rules in every possible way. But it looks interesting, and will serve as a good entertainment for gatherings with friends.

Slingshot Racing

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G In this magnificent racer, you will be able to race with three more players, and it will be able to entertain your friends and family on a festive evening-do not even doubt it. The essence of the competition is the passage of the most difficult tracks with the help of interesting mechanics of hooks and hooks that help your car to enter the turn. There is enough drive and competitive elements-what is not a game for those who want to test the speed of reaction and reflexes?!