Mega Man 6

Turn on the thrusters and blast the enemy robots with Mega Man’s mega buster in this game – Mega Man 6: The Greatest Battle Ever! An action-packed video game developed by CAPCOM for Nintendo Entertainment System. Mega Man 6: The Greatest Battle Ever is about Mega Man supervising a tournament hosted by Mr. X, then found out that the eight participants who joined were reprogrammed to wreak havoc to the world to take over it. Charge up Mega Man’s mega buster and fire out a more powerful shot and defeat eight mini-bosses from different initial stages. To keep our hero alive, master your evasion skills, precise attacks, and collect those special pellets that refill energy tank, master weapon power, and other support pellets that would help you conquer the game. Also, never miss this Rush Adapters that transforms Mega Man into his special forms. Now, be the robotic hero and take on the eight reprogrammed robots by Mr. X before they can take over the world.


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