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All games, artworks, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners. We do not claim to be the creator of any retro games. We are just dedicated fans of various emulator games who have taken their time to create this website. And also you can play fun HTML5 games on our gaming portal PayloadGames.com absolutely free.

In case of copyright infringement or any other issue, please directly contact the responsible parties. Payload Games operates under the laws of the United States of America functioning as an index and database of retro game content found publicly on the Internet, in principle conducting in the same way as Google. However, Payload Games strongly believes in the protection of intellectual property and would be willing to assist when possible and applicable.

PayloadGames.com does not accept responsibility for content hosted on third party websites, nor do we upload games ourselves or encourage others to do so. We are simply here to encourage the continuing popularity of retro games, and for many more fans to play them. All other trademarks, logos, and images are the property of their respective and rightful owners. PayloadGames.com gaming portal where you can play HTML5 and old retro games absolutely free.