Orbit's Odyssey, Pang Adventures and other new items this week

The releases of the past week were calm and without much fanfare - nothing loud, in fact, we did not expect. Gamers can still occupy themselves-mainly with puzzles, arcades and minimalist games, which, as always, are difficult to pass, but are still popular.

Pang Adventures

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Pang or Buster Bros. is a classic retro arcade game originally from the 80s, which has been waiting for quite a long time to be remembered again. Now the adventures of the main characters are transferred to your smartphones and tablets, on the screens of which everything will look very organic-arcade games are well tolerated by porting, and their management is perfectly combined with the mechanics of control on the touchscreens.

Rorbit's Odyssey

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Running away is never easy, especially if you are being chased by creepy robot monsters and all this is happening on a tiny planet with nowhere to hide. In such a situation, only portals will help, thanks to which you will move from planet to planet, running away from your pursuers in this cute puzzle game.

Tormentum-Dark Sorrow

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gEta adventure point-and-click game appeared suddenly and without any announcements, and immediately attracted attention thanks to the original, dark and incredibly stylish graphics that will remind you of the work of Giger, the artist who created the image of an Alien. This alone arouses curiosity and the desire to immerse yourself in the mysterious Gothic atmosphere of Tormentum.

Tropical Wars

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Here you will find sea adventures, pirate ships and uncompromising battles with other players. Create your own fleet, equip ships, develop and improve your team - but do not forget that your pirates are, in fact, koala bears - this is a strange quirk of developers.

Alchemic Maze


g Your task in this game is to become a master of alchemy, guiding liquids through various mazes and making them flow in the right direction. You will have to avoid traps by controlling the movement of the liquid flow with the gyroscope of your device, as well as learn new alchemical recipes and work on creating a magic crystal. This will require the ability to think logically, and a good reaction, and accuracy.



Here you will play the role of a rocket pilot-fast and carrying you to imminent death at full speed. You will have to fly through the maze of caves, high-speed shootouts with enemies, various maps in terms of difficulty, ship upgrades with the help of collected crystals, as well as multiplayer battles with friends via Wi-Fi, Game Center or Facebook.


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Who remains to do when the earth goes under water-only to be saved. The only question is how exactly to do it. The developers of Ketchapp offer us to fly away on a rocket, collecting green energy elements and saving all living creatures in its path. At first glance, nothing complicated, but this is only at first glance.



Fold+ is the sequel to the popular puzzle game Fold, which offers twice as many puzzles as the original game, a new gameplay concept, improved graphics and an optimized interface. This minimalistic game is able to keep you busy for a long time, forcing you to rotate, add and rearrange multi-colored blocks, selecting them by color.

Line Runner 3

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the third game in the Line Runner series from the authors of various titles, the hero of which is a hand-drawn Stickman man. Here he is engaged in overcoming obstacles in the process of running through minimalist locations. How long you can survive in this challenging runner-it all depends on your reflexes.

Rmika's Treasure 2


Gsimpatic adventure game that invites gamers to a prehistoric tribe, offering to solve puzzles, search for lost treasures and save the world by traveling in the past, present and future.