Passing Angry Birds Action! - tips and tactics

Angry Birds Action! is the latest development from Rovio, in which the traditional gameplay of angry birds is combined with elements of pinball and even billiards. We offer you some tips for a quick start in this cute and entertaining game.

uchte your birds

Guchte that each bird in the game has its own characteristics. If Red is able to hit almost anywhere, then it is better to use the black bird for its intended purpose – when you want to blow up something. The yellow bird, in turn, develops high speed, but it does not have enough mass to knock down many obstacles.

Select the birds wisely. You can freely switch between them as long as your number of attempts is not out. Some levels will seem easy to you if you can choose the right order of use of birds, but if you do not succeed – everything will be exactly the opposite.

g Sometimes you will have to sacrifice one of the birds in order to open the way for the next ones and use them more effectively. Despite the fact that the obstacles in the game look different each time, as they are generated randomly, changing the order of the birds may be relevant.

Remember – you can destroy ice obstacles at once, with one blow, but for wooden ones you will need a couple of shots, while for stone ones-as many as three.

Gwez will not always be < p>

Every level in the game starts with the rotation of the wheel – this way the choice of obstacles that will be in front of you is made. Sometimes there will be almost none, but there will also be too many of them. Accept this fact. Sometimes the game just hates you – so it may seem at first glance, but, in fact, it's just a chain of accidents.

Be careful with power-ups

Angry Birds Action! quite generously distributes boosters. Each star that is earned for completing a level will unlock one bonus, and it will, in fact, become your booster. You can use one power-up at a time, but – for example, an exploding or freezing bomb. All of them are effective in their own way, but one of the best boosters can be considered a ghost – it allows your birds to fly through obstacles.

starayte not to use power-ups constantly. Start the levels with shooting birds, and only if you have difficulties in passing, start using the help in the form of accumulated boosters.

Use the birds repeatedly

Sometimes the levels may seem too difficult for the number of attempts that you have. This means that you should try not to waste your attempts in vain. In such cases, do not forget about the bombs – they help to clear the level well, reaching the farthest corners of it.

Another way to clear a difficult level is to throw a bird into one of the traps. In it, it will hit objects repeatedly until it destroys them. This is especially useful when you want to hit the totem. Spending one attempt for a single hit will be an unforgivable waste of resources, so try to provide several hits per shot.

This method is also suitable for columns, between which your birds can fly, pushing off and destroying everything on the way – this is the way pinball masters score maximum points on the levels for the minimum number of attempts.