Passing Angry Birds Evolution: tips, tactics, and secrets

The Angry Birds franchise is familiar to everyone. During its existence, angry birds did anything – flew into space and fought on earth, became heroes of "Star Wars" and robots-transformers.

This time we will dive into a turn-based RPG, and cute two-dimensional characters are in the past. Birds have changed in appearance, they have become stronger and more dangerous, and the battles with their participation look spectacular and exciting. The authors of Angry Birds Evolution managed to seamlessly fit the birds into a new genre, and our tips and tricks will help you feel no less natural in this genre.

The basics of fighting with pigs

The best thing about Angry Birds Evolution is that you don't have to change your habits. You will be engaged in the well-known shooting of birds at pigs, causing them damage. In fact, the basic attacks look like this: you pull back the selected bird, aim at the desired angle (the direction of possible movement of the bird is highlighted by an arrow), and release it. But that's not all. Since the edges of the playing field work like the sides of a billiard table, your bird pushes off from them and causes even more damage to the pigs by hitting them from behind. In addition, in the process of sliding across the field, feathered heroes are able to collect power-ups scattered there.

< /p>uchte that the pigs will respond with a blow to blow, firing at your part of the field in the same way. The order of attack is displayed as numbers above the pigs' heads. The best solution is to shoot those enemies whose turn to attack is about to come.

Hint-bonus: You will find out whether you can remove a pig from the playing field, even before you make a shot – the inscription "KO" will appear on its background.

Hint-bonus 2: Angry Birds Evolution is distinguished by the presence of a destructible environment, so do not think that the pigs are well hidden behind obstacles – the situation will change in just a couple of shots, and TNT has not been canceled.

color matters

The color of your birds matters not only for your aesthetic tastes. The bottom line is that there are timers above their heads that count down to the next Skill Shot. This shot can turn the tide in your favor. Here is a list of special skills used in Skill Shot by each bird:

The black birds explode, hitting everything in the circle outlined by the black line on the screen.

Blue birds split into several birds as soon as they hit something, after which they fly across the playing field, each in its own direction.

Krasnye birds, hitting the first pig that gets in the way, make it hit other pigs, as it happens in billiards.

White birds attack in a straight line and cause damage to everything that is located on it.

gI, finally, yellow, which penetrate through the enemies-pigs, causing them damage.

How get more birds

GES If you have already played turn-based RPGs, then you probably know that the characters you got at the start of the game are not the only ones, and, to put it mildly, not the best.

Who is required of you to get more powerful characters in your team of birds? To get started, visit the incubator by tapping on the egg icon at the bottom of the screen. There are ordinary eggs stored, from which birds with from one to 4 stars will hatch - this happens for free every 4 hours. Premium eggs with birds from 2 to 5 stars can be obtained by watching a video every 48 hours (or by spending crystals, which you probably don't want). But if you do decide to do it, collect enough crystals to open 10 premium eggs at once – then one of your birds is guaranteed to be 4-star.

What role do the ratings of birds, expressed in stars, play? The game will answer this question: a bird with two stars is, in any case, stronger than one star, but level 9. In addition, you will get birds by successfully completing the levels. When you reach level 30, you can earn super eggs as a reward for completing dungeons and winning battles.

Improving birds

Prokachivat your birds, of course, is necessary-so you can increase their level and make them stronger. The authors implemented this as a fusion-a fusion of several birds, to get a stronger one. This process requires gold, and the stronger the bird you want to create, the more gold you will need. If you combine birds of the same color, you will get an XP boost.

nome itself, the evolution of birds also exists, not for nothing is the game called " Evolution". To strengthen your bird, you will need certain resources – you can get them by going through dungeons or selling unnecessary birds. Remember: birds from one to three stars evolve three times, while rare feathered heroes can be upgraded as many as five times.


esche at the training stage, the game will introduce you to bird scouts who will be engaged in exploration on the map and search for useful material, including gold and chests with rewards. They will also be able to search for pig locations for you. Sending a scout to scout is a simple tap on the catapult symbol located on the map. Found by Scouts can be used instantly by tapping on it.

obnaruzhennye your scouts habitat pigs are optional to pass. You can pass by without fighting them, but at the same time, it is a good source of gold, eggs and other useful things, especially when you encounter difficulties in passing the story mode.

U you will have a team of three scouts. You have to restore the energy of each of them for an hour to be able to use it again. But you can watch ads for instant recovery of one of them, or pay 150 crystals and restore all of them at once.

To arena

table favorite fans of multiplayer RPG PvP-arena is available here. The rules of the arena are no different from the rules of single combat. You do not deal damage directly to the opponent's birds – he puts pigs on the field, and your task is to deal maximum damage to them. Similarly, there are pigs on your side of the field that are being attacked by your opponent.

parameters of your birds, and especially their health, affect the outcome of the battle, as the damage done to the pigs in the arena is reflected on them. But the final result of the match is determined by the number of trophies received, so increasing the level of birds is not a one-hundred-percent guarantee of victory over a weaker opponent.

RVP-battles in this game are limited. At first, you are offered several free fights, which can be restored by viewing ads. If you want to fight more, you will need Arena Tickets. The battle seasons in the arena last for a week, after which you will be rewarded depending on the achieved rating and place in the leaderboard.