Passing Angry Birds Stella-tips and hints

Angry Birds Stella is implemented by the authors in the same way as the entire Angry Birds series, but it has its own features and nuances that you should know about. We offer you some tips that will surely come in handy at the initial stages of the game and help you quickly understand the essence of its gameplay:

Adjust your tactics depending on what birds you have in stock. Since each of them has its own characteristics, you will have to take them into account. Some birds, like Willow, are more effective against tall towers, and various types of buildings, clearing the way for Luka, who is able to break glass blocks.

b More stars - more birds. In this game, this is the rule that works, so do not be too lazy to pass the level again to get more stars - then the choice of birds will be wider, and the chances to cope with the pigs-more.

Do not forget to use the hammer regularly. Its icon is filled with energy gradually, and as soon as it is filled to the top, use it to tap on the pig and destroy it - this will save you one shot.

Krik Luki breaks glass, even if the glass panels are at a distance from each other, but is muffled by wood and completely stopped by concrete.

g Train in the ability to control the rotation of Willow. It is a very powerful weapon, but in the process of rotation, the bird is difficult to control. So go through the level where Willow appears several times in a row to master the controls as best as possible.

razrush everything in your path. The more objects you destroy , the more points you earn.

starayte spend the minimum number of birds to complete the level - it will bring you extra points and stars. For each unused bird, you will get 10,000 points - as you can see, the figure is very serious, which means that it is worth trying. Often, it is possible to get all the stars for a level only in this way.

USE the photo album to change the appearance of your birds. Their abilities will remain unchanged.

Learn the difference between objects and the background - sometimes it is not visible at first glance, but it will have to be taken into account in the process of destroying pig shelters.

Aim at exploding objects, look out for them - this will help you deal with the pigs much faster and save the birds. Explosions are especially relevant in those places that are difficult to destroy in a different way - where there is a lot of wood and concrete.

G Aim at the base of the pig buildings, but try not to bury the pigs under the rubble. Basically, hitting the base of the building leads to its collapse, but sometimes the pigs are inside the collapsed structure, and then it is almost impossible to destroy them - they are reliably protected. Therefore, try to avoid such situations.