Passing Clash of Clans-tactics and tips

Have you always dreamed of becoming the ruler of the Vikings and wisely rule an entire tribe? Well, together with the game Clash of Clans, you will succeed. In it, you will not only fight against hordes of goblins, but also with other players, develop your village and capture new territories. All this will be very exciting as long as you do not ask yourself the question: how to move on, while not spending much money?

n This is the question we want to answer: how to act in Clash of Clans in such a way as to get the most out of the game and spend the least amount of money?


yany actions in this game are worth something - gold, elixir or precious stones, and sometimes a combination of them. You need gold to build buildings, buy defensive structures such as towers or cannons, and upgrade existing buildings.

The elixir is needed for building buildings and improving them, but it is different from gold - it is not used in the construction of protective structures, but it helps to quickly create troops.

drecious stones are the premium currency of this game, which is used to speed up all processes-from the construction of buildings to the creation of military units. For the stones, you can get gold and replenish your elixir reserves.

year One of the most important types of resources in this game are the employees you have hired. They will help you build the necessary structure much faster if there are more of them, but remember: new workers will cost you a certain amount of precious stones, so do not overdo it.

Do not waste stones on speeding up buildings - it is better to wait a couple of extra minutes, as in the future you will have more important tasks that will require premium currency.


You can build different types of buildings for different purposes. Some of them provide you with resources, accumulating gold and elixir. The next type of building is intended for storing accumulated resources. At first, they are not important, but in the future, their absence will become a problem. Buildings designed to create and train troops are needed when you plan to attack another neighbor. Defensive structures are always needed, and the denser you build them, the better they will be able to repel the attacks of opponents.

n Do not forget that sometimes it is cheaper and faster to improve existing buildings than to build new ones. In addition, it is necessary to use resources in order to clear the areas occupied by rocks and trees.


gBeats in Clash of Clans are very simple - you touch the place on the map where you send troops - and that's it. We advise you to send more troops into battle than originally planned, so that your army will survive if something goes wrong. Additional time to prepare for the battle will save you from having to rebuild the entire army before a second battle.

General tips

GW Clash of Clans you can change the appearance of your towns and villages, rearranging their houses at any time and as many times as you want - it's free.If you do not intend to live peacefully and are going to attack your neighbors, then do not leave your village unprotected. If you prefer defensive tactics, then you will also need an army, but you should immediately spend your elixirs on troops, without accumulating them too much, otherwise the enemies who suddenly attack you will take away the remaining elixirs.

gdl For a successful defense, you need to build more defensive walls, behind which you can store resources, repelling attacks in offline mode. In the center of the village, place the most powerful weapon - so you will save it for longer.

Pomnite: erect all buildings close to each other, build the maximum possible number of walls - this will delay the enemy's progress.

Stens are your best friend, so upgrade them to the third level as soon as you get the chance, and place them wherever you need to. Let your enemies regret attacking you!