Passing Combat Squad Project Wednesday: tactics and tips

Combat Squad is a sc-fi shooter in which you will have to manage a team and switch between fighters with the help of special crystals built into them. This mechanic is quite interesting, and requires some time for the player to master.

GNOS, in fact, before you-a classic shooter with a multiplayer mode, in which tactical skills are important. How to start learning it? This question will be answered by our tips.


Do not stop moving. Like most shooters, the key to winning Combat Squad is to kill as many opponents as possible before they can kill you. And the best way to achieve this is not to stand still, constantly move, find cover and shoot at opponents when they least expect an attack.

g hold together. From the name of the game, it is easy to guess that its basis is team gameplay. Therefore, collective action will inevitably lead you to success: in the end, two guns are always better than one.

Select one. There is always a temptation to try out each of your team in multiplayer battles, but, in fact, you should focus on one hero, equipping it in the best possible way. And in the future, use it in matches with other players.


Learn the basics. Before you dive into the multiplayer mode, master the controls and various game modes to understand what is required of you and at what point.

Start with a team match. If you still get to the multiplayer battles, start with a team match for survival (team deathmatch). This mode is the simplest, and it will teach you the basics of multiplayer shootouts, laying a good basis for further success.

Collect everything you can. Combat Squad is a free-to-play game, so expect problems with in-game currency. You will need it, so check all received emails and messages, go to any sections of the menu marked with a red icon - there you can find pleasant surprises.

G Councils

Gobodnye maneuvers. The best way to deal with opponents is to outflank them. Divert their attention with a part of your team, and then find a workaround - so you can catch them off guard.

G Always recharge. You don't want to come under massive fire with a half-empty clip, do you? Then take the time to reload your weapons, find a moment for this – a timely reload can be the key to victory.

do not rush. The fact that you will constantly be reborn does not mean that you need to rush into battle without thinking about the danger. First, study the situation, understand how you can help your team to the maximum, take your time. If there is no one around, stay near the respawn zone until your teammates appear.