Passing EA Sports UFC - some useful tips

The fashion for fighting games has come to the App Store and Google Play, and no one doubts it. EA Sports UFC is another game from this popular genre, and it offers you a choice of seventy real-life fighters who compete in the UFC mixed martial arts championship. How to start your character's fighting career as correctly and effectively as possible? The answer to this question will be our selection of tips and hints.

The best defense is the attack

GSUD according to the development of events in EA Sports UFC, the player who chooses the tactics of attack, rather than defense, becomes more successful. Yes, you can dodge attacks and block them, but to do this by anticipating the enemy's attacks, you will need more than just luck. Therefore, it is much more correct to choose an attacking style of combat, and do not stop your chain of blows for a second – so you will not let your opponent go on the offensive and quickly reduce his health level.

Spontaneity is the key to success

If you still choose an attacking style, do not be predictable. Your punches don't always have to be the same – if you alternate light punches with medium and most powerful ones, your chances of winning will increase significantly. This tactic will confuse your opponent and allow you to deal with him faster. The faster the fight ends, the sooner you will receive rewards and move further up the career ladder.

Keep track of the distance

During the attack, your special ability indicator gradually fills up. The main thing is that you can correctly use your ability in battle, without missing a favorable moment – this can decide the outcome of the battle. Always keep an eye on how far away from the enemy you are, otherwise your special strike will miss the target and you will just have to fight with the air. If your special attack fails, be prepared for the enemy to launch an intense counterattack.

Do not miss the events

The events that take place in EA Sports UFC are copies of the actual fights that take place. Try not to miss them – they bring extra money and rewards. Such events in the UFC happen quite often, so watch out for pop-up windows on the screen.

Don't forget about upgrades

As soon as you earn some silver for successfully completed battles, immediately start buying upgrade kits. This should be done as often as possible – this is the only way you will make your fighter as competitive as possible in the ring. In the set, you will get five types of combat techniques that will help you improve your special abilities. The main thing is to choose the right technique for your special attack.