Passing Earthcore: Shattered Elements - tips and hints

Earthcore: Shattered Elements is another of the many collectible card games on mobile horizons, unlike many of them, combining simple mechanics with enough depth ..." deep strategic gameplay.

the main principle of this title is striking - the well-known good old game " rock-paper-scissors", to which interesting mechanisms for making a deck and memorizing cards are added. Matches in it happen quickly and can end at the most unexpected moment for you, if you incorrectly orient yourself in the possible cards of the opponent. Intrigued? Then let's get to the details:

G The mechanics of Earthcore, as we have already said, are simple: the elements rule everything. The relationship between the elements is as follows-Fire conquers the Earth, it dominates Water, and Water, in turn, controls Fire - that's the whole principle. At the same time, the strength of the card itself does not matter - the Water card will in any case defeat the Fire card. But the cards of the same element will compete with each other in strength. A card turned to Dust loses to any other element.

Unlike most games of this kind, there are no concepts of energy, damage inflicted by you, and other similar statistics. All you need to worry about is the risk level of the card, indicated at the bottom of the card. If your card loses, its Risk figure determines the health damage you will receive, and is added to the other Risks in the match.

G How can one card defeat another in the case of the same element? Here, the role is played by abilities that are activated automatically (Instant skills) or that you need to activate yourself (Manual skills). You are only allowed to activate one ability at a time, and it can only be activated in a card you have already played - not the one in your hand. Please note that this can be done at any time - before the card is placed on the game table or even after.

At the very beginning of the game, you will have to choose a faction. Its choice depends on your personal preferences and style of play. As for the characteristics of each faction, for example, Mages are able to manipulate elements, Vagabonds allow you to move cards around the playing field, and Warriors allow you to use more cards. If you want, you can always change the fraction by paying for this action with premium currency - you will need 15 diamonds.

V Earthcore any card can be used by any faction. Keep in mind that using your own faction card reduces your Risk level by 2. This idea allows you to use the abilities of other factions, but at the same time, do not get too involved in this process.

As for the construction of the deck, it uses completely different principles than those to which you are accustomed in other card games. Instead of focusing on one or two elements, you will have to balance all three elements and take into account that there are abilities that can change a lot. For example, the Traitor card has the Traitor ability, which allows you to swap cards, increasing their Risk by 2.

Ochen useful ability is the Opening (Revealer), which has a Fire Scout. It shows you the elements of the cards that the enemy has, and this information can very seriously turn the tide in your favor.At the end of each round, the battling columns move from right to left. You should remember this if your health level has dropped to zero.

G If you see an arrow with the 'x2' icon in the center of the game table, this means that the player who loses in the specified card column in this round also receives double damage. The arrow is able to rotate once during a round, and there are abilities that can force it to rotate-remember this.

G Hero cards work according to the same rules as regular cards. The difference is that they have slots for three different abilities that can be customized. To craft a hero, you will need gold, as well as three compatible cards. You will find a list of compatible cards by clicking the 'Compatible' button on the crafting screen. The cards you choose will give the hero their abilities, so be prepared to part with them without damage to your own deck.

You can get new cards as a reward in a single game, if you manage to win the battles, earning them three stars. In addition, card sets of 4, 8, 12, and 20 can be purchased for gold. Cards can fall out to you randomly with the receipt of boosters. There are special boosters that can only be purchased for diamonds, but they are available for a limited period of time.