Passing Fieldrunners Attack! - tips and tactics

Four years have passed since Fieldrunners 2 appeared on mobile platforms, and not so long ago Subatomic Studios presented to gamers the next game in this series - Fieldrunners Attack! Unlike the standard model of previous games based on the Tower Defense gameplay, Fieldrunners Attack! – this is a strategy based on building a base. If you want to become a successful commander, effectively build, defend your base and win already in the initial stages - then our tips are for you.

G Be ready

G Like most games with urban elements, Fieldrunners Attack! it will require you to log in regularly. Every three you get a free chest, which can contain a special drink that increases the level of experience of your hero. Use a couple of these drinks at the same time to increase experience and get bonuses.

R After entering the game, check the Daily Ops section - in it you will find free bonuses, the number of which depends on how many days in a row you visit the game.

ges If you are an avid player, then it may make sense for you to purchase a special pass, and then for a month you will receive 50 crystals daily.

During the game, we recommend that you visit Warlog to find out who exactly attacked you. But this does not mean that you should immediately press the "revenge" or "revenge" button-note that this can turn into a full-fledged conflict.

Learn your goals and objectives

Goals are important in order to move in the chosen direction and get quick rewards. By achieving them, you can earn as quickly as possible.

Some tasks involve building new structures or upgrading existing ones. All this takes time, so run these processes before you leave the game for a while – so you will get rid of unnecessary waiting.

g You can go strictly according to the scenario of the game, completing tasks, but this does not mean that you should not take on side missions - some of them may be useful to you already in the early stages.

mistions are different from tasks – they are single-player battles. Don't forget about them. You will only be able to complete a few before you can take part in the PvP league, but the rewards for them are quite substantial.


Gwhen the enemy base is attacked, do not forget that you can lead your troops to it from different sides. You can, for example, select the "select all" button and control all units at the same time, or you can separate them and lead them into battle using different routes.

G Ideally, you need to focus on what is attacking you, and only after the attacking towers are destroyed, take care of those buildings for the capture of which you will receive rewards.

Consider the power station a priority. She controls the towers that attack you, so by destroying her, you deprive the towers of support. This is one of the main points of the victory strategy in Fieldrunners Attack!

Gstarayte to win - this is the way to progress in the game. Rising in the rankings and advancing in the leagues will help you get a lot of useful items and improve your base like never before..

the expression is close? Concentrate on destroying the enemy HQ - so you will spend a minimum of effort and still get one star for the victory.

to take care of your base

you remember our mention of power stations? Their rule also works in the opposite direction. If you place your station away from the towers, they will be ineffective, so keep an eye on the distance.

In general, you should place the towers next to the main structures – so you can protect them more effectively.

Do not forget to upgrade your heroes with energy drinks and food. Drinks help to increase the level of the hero, while food allows you to upgrade your abilities. Both are important, so develop your hero evenly.