Passing Heroes of Dragon Age-tactics and tips

Heroes of Dragon Age is a game based on card battles, featuring console graphics and action-RPG elements. It is easy enough to start playing it, but the deeper you dive into the gameplay, the more difficult it will become, making the new player bored or frustrated. To prevent this from happening to you, use our tips.

zastryali on any of the levels? Go back to the previous level to earn more gold and experience.

g You can replay the previous levels as many times as you need, as this will give you an extra chance to earn gold and even a few crystals. This is especially true for the levels marked " easy", which will not be difficult to pass again.

Be careful with the last replay of the level before you get free crystals.

In fact, it is much more complicated than you think. In fact, you will encounter stronger versions of the same characters. If you feel that you are not coping - come back later, when you have enough strength, and in the meantime, do not waste energy on hopeless fights.

GWHEN you are in battle mode, your best path to victory is players who offer you small trophies for fighting them.

You can not see the level and strength of the player you are fighting, but remember: if you are given 110 or less coins for fighting with him, then your chances of winning are great. If the reward is 150 coins or higher, then the enemy will most likely defeat you and you will lose your trophies.

Select heroes by faction colors.

GES If the heroes you put up belong to the same faction and, accordingly, have a pedestal of the same color, then you will receive a bonus that will be very useful in the event of a collision with a stronger opponent.

GO Combine your cards to get bonuses.

You should combine identical cards to get big bonuses, and you can do this repeatedly. This way, you will be able to get cards with higher-level heroes, which will be equal in strength to rare cards.

Buy sets of cards, taking into account their features.

Each set of cards can offer you unusual and rare cards, but in some sets there are more chances of such cards. So, for example, the Recruit set contains unusual cards quite often, and the Warrior set-rarely, but it has rare cards. The Champion Pack guarantees rare cards, and the special Ultimate Pack guarantees epic cards. Legendary and epic cards can also be found in the Warrior and Champion packs - but it depends on your luck.

Build your team thoughtfully.

Choose which heroes you will put up and in what order, depending on what bonuses you want to get. Second-line warriors are more likely to receive a decisive strike bonus, and the first line of fighters are more likely to receive health bonuses. If you want to gain an advantage over a large group of opponents, try to put up those heroes who are able to hit several enemies at the same time.

Akkuratno use the runes.

Gstarayte to use runes only when your energy and endurance are at the proper level. Keep in mind that different runes are suitable for different battles: for easier ones, you will need runes to increase the experience and the number of coins, and for hard fights-runes that improve your statistics.

Don't forget about boosters.

GES If the experience boosters don't give you anything special,then the decisive strike boosters can be crucial for some particularly difficult battles.

Collect crystals.

You can get free crystals if you unlock a new card or send a friend an SMS with an invitation to the game. Keep them and try not to spend them until you have the opportunity to purchase a Champion set or pay with crystals for the final energy recovery, thanks to which you can play as much as you want.