Passing Hidden Folks: tips, tactics and strategy

Hidden Folks is an original hidden object game from Adrian de Jong, in which you will find levels full of miniature characters and items among which they are hidden. Despite the fact that the gameplay of this game can not be called particularly difficult, a few tips will not prevent novice players – guided by them, it will be much easier to get used to Hidden Folks.

GOP descriptions of the game characters that you have to search for can be obtained by tapping on their names at the bottom of the screen – there are also hints that will make your search easier. They may seem very vague to you, but in fact, you will always find something valuable in them. For example, in the very first zone you have to look for the Researcher Garland, the hint for his search sounds like this: fascinated by the language of this reptile. As a result, you will find it next to an iguana with its tongue sticking out. Hints of this type will be useful on large maps, where it will be easier for you to search not only for the characters themselves, but also for objects located near them.

You do not need to search for the inhabitants of the game in the order in which they are listed in the list – instead, you can go on a search at your own discretion. We recommend that you first read all the hints before starting the search – you may notice something familiar during the study of the level. By the way, keep in mind that the item description on the map may block the view. In this case, you need to tap on any place on the map-the description will disappear, and the overview will open again.

The game's heroes fully match their description and picture. If the character in the picture looks to the right, then hidden on the level, it will also remain turned to the right. If the character moves in the description, then it will also be in motion at the level. Of course, hidden inside something or behind something, your hero is not visible, but do not doubt-his appearance is exactly as in the description.

Obitateli games are scattered throughout the level, so do not expect that all ten heroes will be found in one corner. If you are looking for someone specific, then look around without missing anything. It may turn out that two Hidden Folks heroes will be found in close proximity to each other even on large maps, but this is rather an exception, and all other heroes will be distributed evenly across the level.

es If you are stuck on a character, we advise you to turn on the zoom and carefully study the areas in which he, according to your suspicion, is hiding. Keep an eye out for traffic in these areas.

Use zoom and scrolling to search. If the territory of the first level is relatively small and will fit on your screen, then the Jungle zone and others will be much larger, so even on the tablet screen you will have to use scrolling. You can set the zoom to maximum by zooming in with two fingers and holding it in this position with another finger, but keep in mind that as soon as you start moving, the zoom effect will disappear and the image will automatically return to its normal size.

gNebolarge puzzles at the beginning of each section are a kind of hints that hint at the main tasks that you have to perform on the level. For example, in the first level of the Dry Lands zone, you will have to water the plants – this will help you find some heroes in the next stage.

Set the color scheme that is most convenient for you. You can choose from three possible options. If you find it difficult to find a hero, try changing the color-perhaps this will make your search easier.

g If you find a character, its description moves from the bottom of the screen to its image. In the future, if you tap on this hero again, the game will remind you that he has already been found.