Passing Injustice 2: a guide to increasing energy and improving heroes

When information about the console version of Injustice: Gods Among Us was leaked last summer, we had some questions about the mobile variation. Will Warner Bros. and NetherRealm will create a game for the mobile platform, or simply decide to continue updating the existing Injustice (the first part), which over the past 4 years has already received a lot of new content, becoming one of the most popular games in the segment. We got the answer to our question by Valentine's Day, when we saw Injustice 2 on the Philippine App Store.

Poka that we do not know what strategy the developers will choose for their new product. After all, they most likely will not abandon the first part of the game in favor of the second, because it has a huge base of players, many of whom are unlikely to want to lose years of earned progress. Moreover, it is worth noting that Injustice 2 will turn the entire internal gameplay on its head. That is why we have created this guide to help you navigate the new version of the game.


The original version of the game was built on Free–To-Play, which is why the creators introduced a business model called: Power System. In any case, it was very well thought out and gently accepted by the audience of users, there were no difficulties with it. All thanks to the fact that each hero in Injustice had its own energy indicator, as soon as it was emptied, this character could be replaced with another. Fortunately, the number of available heroes is quite large, so while one squad is resting, the player can use the other, as soon as he runs out of energy, the first party is already ready for fights.

GV Injustice 2 everything will be different. Now the energy band is the same for everyone. Moreover, now energy is spent much more than before. Initially, 60 units are given, each duel costs 6. After the stage is completed on the usual difficulty, a Heroic One will become available, it has significantly higher rewards, but it will also be more difficult to defeat enemies. Such a battle costs 12 units of energy.

Poka that the game is, in fact, still on the test. We will hope that this situation with costs will change, perhaps in favor of new content, perhaps the developers will intervene, it will be seen. It is said that such energy costs are made specifically so that players do not achieve too much in the game before the official and final launch of Injustice 2. But so far, everything that is happening is not happy. Now we will share with you some tips that will help you properly manage the available energy, which will lead to maximum benefits. In addition to the good old tactics of waiting, we will also discuss the daily tasks.


Like most Free-To-Play games, Injustice 2 also introduces a system of daily tasks that bring their own rewards. There is a bonus for daily entry. You can get it once a day. Not exactly a cool reward, but better than nothing. But there are also a number of other tasks that are quite difficult, but the rewards for them are much higher. For them, you will get Gems and "Shards", which are necessary to unlock and improve some heroes.

As I said earlier, the game starts with the base 60 units of energy. Each time you raise your profile level, the total energy reserve also increases by 1 unit. For example, if you have reached level 13, you will have 60 basic + 12 additional energy units. Moreover, every time you increase your level, the energy reserve is fully restored.

Takim, thanks to the daily tasks, you will take at least 1 level per day. Also, do not forget about one of the regular daily tasks, which gives 60 energy points. Plus an Arena where you can fully replenish your energy reserves up to 3 times a day. All this will take from 30 to 60 minutes of active game time, and you do not need to spend Gems! Now I will list all the daily tasks and tell you how to complete them as quickly as possible.

Besplatnye Gems, Endurance, Tickets-Get them very easily. Thanks to the tickets, pass the specified tests (something like a simulation of duels will happen, in fact, you will not have to participate in them). This is the easiest way to get 60 units of energy and a few free Gems.

G Campaign Expressions-Just complete 4 matches in the campaign. You can use the missions that were completed earlier or use the tickets again.

Heroic battles of the campaign – You must also pass 4 duels, but in Heroic difficulty. But there are certain difficulties. The same mission can be completed in Heroic mode only 3 times, moreover, this process is very energy-consuming, sometimes it is better to just skip it if there is no need for XP.

Goperations are a mission for a while. Those heroes who take part in it will be unavailable for the game for a while. The shortest operation lasts 30 minutes. The daily task consists of two such missions.

Gheroic training-Here it is worth paying attention. There is a separate training mode, in which you will be given XP for quite difficult fights. Each day of the week has a different set of training missions for each type of character class in the game. If you've played Marvel Contest of Champions, then this system should seem clear. It has several problems. Each new wave of enemies is stronger than the previous one. The first two matches will not be difficult, but then chaos will begin. You need to have several strong characters to participate in this mode. Moreover, you have only 3 chances in this mode, then you need to buy them for Gems. In short, the reward is not worth the resources expended.

Entering the arena - Yesterday the Arena mode was not available, but today the situation has changed. Fortunately, the arena has its own energy scale, which has nothing to do with the main game. To get a huge portion of XP and an additional 60 units of energy, you just need to play 3 matches in the arena. But this mode has its own difficulty. Every day, these 3 entrances to the arena must be paid for with Gems. Perhaps this is just a mistake and soon everything will change, it will be seen.

increase abilities-Open the character profile, at the top you will see 3 tabs: abilities, talents and stats. Select "abilities" and make any improvement 2 times. Thus, you will be credited with this daily task. The price of such upgrades is growing exponentially, which can sometimes be a tidy sum. There are also some tricks, you can improve not one hero, but several at once, the initial costs will be much lower, and you will still get a reward. But this is not worth playing with, in the future you will need the upgraded abilities of your best heroes, so be careful with their development. Here you need to learn how to balance correctly.

g Improving equipment is again a tricky task. To achieve it, you need special elements. You will again have to think through everything a few steps ahead, so as not to get into a mess. The strategy is very similar to the previous one, go for it!

Nagrada for chests – To complete this task, you need to open any 3 chests, they, in turn, are different. There is a bronze chest (the lowest level of rewards), it can be opened for free every 3 hours. There is a silver chest that costs 5k coins, you can buy it at a discount: 10 pieces for 45k. There is also a gold chest, for which you need to give 150 Gems (10 for 1350). By far, the most profitable chest is a gold one. This task has its own tactics, so that you don't have to wait long, you can open 1 free chest and buy 2 silver ones.

gTalants – Everything is very easy here. Go to the profile of any of your characters and click on the Talents tab in the upper-right corner. To complete the task, you must unlock at least one talent from the hero. This system is often found in RPGs. This is a kind of character enhancement. Moreover, once a day, you can reset some improvement in the talent and pump another one. So, absolutely free, you can complete this daily mission. Talents, of course, are also different. Some will be useful to you, and some are simply necessary for this task.

Spisok options for energy replenishment

Podzhdite. 1 unit of energy is restored in 10 minutes. It's a very long time. You can play in the evening, before going to bed, so that the stocks are updated during the night.

Perform daily tasks. For example, the task "Free Gems, Stamina, tickets" does not require anything from you at all, and in return you will receive 60 energy points.

3 arena battles. The arena is already available, so this is another option for getting 60 energy points.

hIncreasing the level of the general profile. Get XP for completing various tasks and increase the level of your profile. Once this happens, the energy will be fully restored.

Gbonusnaya hint: Level Up and Operations

This guide is generally designed to maximize energy in Injustice 2, but there is one thing we want to tell you. As mentioned earlier, there is a daily mission "Operation", during which you use several characters for the operation, which will be unavailable for other gameplay until the mission is completed. These tasks can be improved for Gems, so the timer for the absence of characters will increase, but the rewards will also become much better. Of course, Gems can also be used to buy gold chests, in which you can knock out new heroes, but it is best to invest the resource in Operations. At higher levels, the rewards will be fantastic.

You will receive not only useful loot, XP and gold, but also "Heroic Shards", as well as Gems.

NEXAMPLE: My main team consists of three heroes with three stars. So while I'm going through the difficult missions, I'll send other, weaker characters to the Operation.

G During the day, I will not only pump the main team, but also earn a lot of gold. When my energy runs out, I will send my best heroes to the Operation. Now my TOP team needs 11 hours to complete the Operation, so I send the guys to the task before going to bed, so that everything is updated in the morning. The rewards for this high-level Operation are simply amazing. Try it and you will not regret it!

gin conclusion

Initially, I expected that the guide would not be so voluminous. The funny thing is that the game is not officially launched yet and many modes are not yet available, as it was until recently with the Arena. I believe that many in-game processes will change when the final release happens.

expects that it will be in May, when the console version of Injustice 2 will be released. So far, the energy system has not been finalized, but I think that everything will change for the better. On the other hand, I like the increased complexity of the combat mechanics, updated visual effects, and much more. I hope this guide will help you in Injustice 2. We, in turn, will continue this gaming experience and keep you up to date with all updates.