Passing Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beas - tips

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast RPG from Roadhouse Games studio. Inspired by the music and art of Iron Maiden, it combines RPG mechanics and a great fan service. And so some tips and nuances.


Boevka will be familiar to all veterans and fans of the RPG genre. Beginners also need to remember a few things.

st of all, select the enemy you want to attack. The circle below it will indicate your chances of success. If the circle is green, then the enemy is weak for your attacks. Red - be careful with it.

Each character has its own set of abilities. If you hold down the button, you will see exactly what this attack does.

Basically, you will have to use a standard attack and as they say, sit and watch. However, special attacks will require you to perform various actions. You may have to tap the button like a madman or tap where you will be directed. So get ready!

Assemble a balanced team. You probably don't want to have a team of characters with the same ability.

Focus attacks when necessary. A wounded enemy hits the same way as a healthy one. There's no point in leaving the underdogs.

If your strongest character is ready to attack and there is a choice between a podrank and approximately the same strength, but unharmed enemy-attack the latter. A weak character can also finish off a half-dead one.

Kak is usual save special. tc attacks they use a lot of energy. This means use them on the bosses when you realize that it will be decisive in the battle.

Often the energy remains for one action. This action can be either a treatment or an opportunity to fill up the boss. And since the best defense is an attack - take action!

Sbor team

In the early stages, you can just fill the levels and not really sweat. Use the portal to collect fragments of souls and create new characters. You can experiment for now.

Have you noticed that the complexity is increasing? So we'll have to be more careful now. Focus on building the core of the team, and swing it first.

Eddie always goes to battle, so it's better if he has a higher level than the others. Pick up a couple of favorites to support him. It is almost always the key to victory.

Talismans are very useful. They give the characters significant advantages. Talismans can't be lost. They can always be removed from the character and moved somewhere else, or simply sold.

don't forget...

Loginitsya every day. Every day you get a new bonus. It can be energy or coins.