Passing Kami 2: tips, tactics and strategy

Kami is a deceptively simple and very insidious puzzle game from State of Play Games, and its sequel, Kami 2, will be no less a test for your wits. Let the management based on taps, do not mislead you, know - it will not be easy. Take advantage of a few of our tips, they will help you get started:

take your time. In this game, the number of moves allocated to solve each puzzle is limited, so do not experiment and do not try to quickly skip each of them.

gwhen you feel stuck, take a step back. Instead of plunging into a complex puzzle, pause and study the pattern on the screen. Try to understand which parts of it are connected to each other, see how many moves you have and how many colors are involved in the drawing.

Try to connect all possible parts of the ornament of the same color in the minimum number of moves. This will require some planning from you. To combine, for example, all the yellow elements of the ornament – at first glance, it is simple, but you can do it in different ways, so look for the best one.

Gzaymite calculations. Compare the number of moves you have with the number of colors on the puzzle. If there are more moves than individual color zones, this means that you will have to remove some small areas to open new, larger ones.

g Look for obvious inconsistencies in the level drawing. Many ornaments contain at least one section that does not fit into the overall picture – it is asymmetrical and catches the eye. Usually, you need to start solving a puzzle with it.

Sometimes small moves are triggered. Some levels are designed so that you do not need to combine colors into large zones, as we advised you earlier. If you notice that this strategy does not work, try to find small areas of the same color – they can connect other, larger ones.

If you made a mistake, it is better to use the Reset button, otherwise you will just waste time, but still will not fit into the specified number of moves. Start from the beginning – you will not get points for this.

If you feel that you are stuck in earnest-take a hint. The icon with a light bulb allows you to get advice on what color to use where. But keep in mind that the number of hints is limited, and you will have to buy additional ones for real money. Therefore, use them only in extreme cases.