Passing Marvel: Contest of Champions-tips and hints

Developed by Kabam, the mobile fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions is based on the comic book series of the same name from the Marvel studio, which was popular in the 80s.

G In this game, you will collect various heroes and villains and train them through quests, then put them on PvP arenas for battles. We can not say that this game is too difficult, but to get used to it, a few tips will not hurt you.

The control mechanics in this game are simple and clear, but it has its own nuances that you should know about. Remember that in Contest of Champions, defense is very important, so the first thing you should master is blocking the enemy's attacks. Keep in mind that even while blocking, your hero can take damage, which means that dodging an attack is just as important as being able to block it. Evasion is performed by swiping left and right. Your main task is to avoid any damage as much as possible and attack the enemies when they are open. The main thing is to minimize the loss of health, and you will learn why in the next paragraph.

Your Champions do not restore health between duels during a single quest. The only way to improve it is to use elixirs, but it costs money, so it is advisable not to take damage for as long as possible.

Try to get a Champion with two or three stars as quickly as possible. One-star heroes will not be able to resist many enemies for long enough and pass more difficult quests, even if you increase their level and rating. So pay attention to the two-star ones and aim for even more solid characters with three stars – the reserve of health and strength turns them into competitive fighters.

There are six main classes in this game, and the relationship between them is best characterized by rules in the style of the game "rock-paper-scissors". It looks like this: Cosmic -> Skill -> Tech - > Mutant - > Science - > Mystic - > Cosmic. Except for those cases when you have only one hero left, and there are no reviving potions for the dead, you must choose your character from the available ones exactly according to the above principle. This will help your Champions gain the upper hand in battles, increasing your strength and reducing your opponent's potential.

It's a very good idea to start each match by blocking. The artificial intelligence of the system does not act too monotonously, but often your opponent will try to bring you down with a single blow. That's why we advise you to block yourself without thinking about how it will look from the outside. Even if there is no real threat, you should not worry about the fact that you look stupid: self-defense is the main thing in this game.

The special abilities indicator located at the bottom of the screen fills up gradually. To use the first special movement of your character, it is necessary that the indicator is filled once, for the second movement it must be filled twice, and for the third, respectively, three times. If you want to use the indicator before it reaches the next level, then know that it will reset completely. Therefore, if you want to use a special movement-do it as soon as the indicator allows, and if you plan to accumulate it until the next movement-then do not spend the indicator between levels.

To level up your heroes, you will need gold, catalysts, and a special substance ISO-8. Gold is intended for purchases, ISO-8 will allow you to increase the level, and catalysts will help increase the rating of the character. One-and two-star heroes will only be able to unlock their special moves after increasing their rating.

If you do not need any of the heroes, you can sell them for gold, but in practice there is no special need to do this. Gold gets you just for completing quests, so you will not experience a special shortage of it. In addition, the class system here is designed in such a way that you will need several fighters of completely different types at the same time. Plus, you can fight several PvP matches in the arena at the same time, putting all your heroes into battle at once. Do not forget that each Champion needs a break-the timer will not allow you to use the character earlier than two hours after the next match, so it is better if there are several heroes.

The system for using crystals in Marvel: Contest of Champions is quite complex. We will try to make it clear by briefly describing the main types of crystals involved in this game. Every four hours you get a crystal that gives you the right to the simplest hero, and every 24 hours - a two-star Champion. There are also crystals earned in quick PvP matches-they are designed to get gold and battle chips. These, in turn, you can exchange for the Arena Crystal, which will give you the opportunity to get a four-star Champion. In the course of completing quests, you will find purple crystals – they are needed to obtain the substance ISO-8. And finally, Premium crystals that can be purchased with premium currency-they guarantee you at least a two-star hero, and even a four-star hero with a certain luck.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a strictly defined Champion in this game. If you still want to have your favorite hero in your team – you will have to deal with the grind – there is, alas, no other way.

Going through the quests you have already completed is not as bad an idea as it may seem at first glance. This method is useful to you if your team is not yet too strong for further promotion. Quests usually have branches, passing which you can earn extra money and bonuses for further upgrades of the team.