Passing Mighty Battles-tips, tactics, secrets

Mighty Battles is the latest development of Hothead Games, the studio known to us from the Kill Shot franchise. This title will remind gamers of Clash Royale, but with a couple of its own tricks and features.

the player's task here is to destroy the enemy's base, doing it quickly and efficiently. To do this, he will have to create a squad of strong units and, bypassing the free-to-play elements, fight, comprehending the basics of the game. At the initial stage, it is necessary to develop the right strategy of action, and our advice will be very appropriate.

Form a squad

g Your squad consists of several units, but there can be no more than eight of them, so get ready to operate with a combat deck of 8 cards and select units wisely.

Ideally, you need a mix of different types of units. You should not rely on tanks and helicopters alone – they are strong, but you can not do without cannon fodder.

Good Luck is the combination of flamethrower units with bombardment cards – this deals continuous damage to the enemy. But, in general, it all depends on personal preferences. The main thing is to decide on convenient and effective combinations of units before you start upgrades.

As soon as you have the right number of cards of a certain type, you can upgrade them, but keep in mind-the bucks in this game are difficult to earn, so upgrades should be as thoughtful as possible.

Focus on the upgrades of the most used units. They will become the core of the squad, and you can start experimenting with the rest later.

Kak to act in battle

Tchatelno select those cards that you plan to use in battle. For example, it makes no sense to use an electromagnetic pulse to slow down enemy vehicles if there are no such vehicles around – this will be an unnecessary waste of energy.

N Do not forget that you need to protect two lines and advance the soldiers on both. Your troops are not able to shoot at enemies on the neighboring line, only on their own.

Do not rely only on powerful energy-consuming units – in this game, numerical superiority means a lot.

Pomnite about your turret-select a target, tap on it, and the turret will start shooting. It can be used to deal damage to the enemy headquarters while the units are fighting. Even though the damage will be small, in total and over time it will give a good effect.

Don't forget about chests

Chests in this game are very important – you can find a lot of necessary things in them. You can get them in different ways.

Inside the chests are cards and in-game currency – neither of which is superfluous. You get a free chest every 4 hours. This time can be reduced by an hour by viewing ads, but the most effective way to get the coveted rewards is to visit the game as often as possible during the day.

gTak-called damage chests can be obtained by participating in battles. During the battle with the enemy, you earn stars-accumulate 16 and the damage chest is yours. The rewards in this chest will be a higher class than in the normal one.

gwyplaying in battle also brings you a chest as a reward, but it will not open immediately. Especially valuable chests are opened after 10 hours of waiting. The longer you have to wait, the better the prizes.

gWsego you have 4 slots for chests, so you can safely wait for them to open themselves. The only drawback is that the chests are opened one at a time, and to speed up the opening process, you will need to watch ads or fork out for gold.

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Regularly check the achievement lists – after all, bonuses will not hurt you.

when you reach the third level, you can create clans or join existing ones. What will it do? Exchange cards, units, and complete tasks together.

Na level 4 opens events. Participating in them will allow you to get a lot of useful items as a reward.

Gdobrat to the fourth level is not so easy. Be patient and upgrade only the most necessary units until you are completely immersed in the game.