Passing of Alto's Adventure-tips and hints

Alto's Adventure is a game dedicated to snowboarding, with endless gameplay, atmospheric music and original geometric graphics. In it, your character is engaged in catching escaped llamas, going down on a snowboard from the snow-capped mountains.

Along the way, rocks, chasms and other dangers await him. Not to say that this game is overly complex, but you can turn its passage into an even simpler and smoother, using our tips.

d Copy the coins to the wingsuit. In Alto's Adventure, there are various power-ups that you can spend money on, but your real goal should be a wingsuit. It's an expensive item that will cost you 7,500 coins, but it's worth it. In this game, there are no in-game purchases, so you do not have to invest real money in the purchase of a wing suit-you will just need to save, but it is not difficult and is unlikely to last longer than a couple of days.

Do not perform tricks on low hills. If the height difference is small, you should not experiment with tricks – they can be dangerous. Unfortunately, in the initial stages of the game, you will encounter hills of small height. Therefore, be patient and wait for the appearance of cooler mountains.

Gnarashivayte your level. You will need this to unlock new snowboarders with a variety of abilities. They will start to open gradually, depending on the complexity of the tasks that you get at each level.

Jump just before you fly off the ramp. It is impossible to calculate the exact time of the jump, but try to be as accurate as possible.

pust coins lead you in the dark. The weather in this game can be very different, and, in addition to sunny days, you will encounter dark and gloomy clouds. In this case, the coins scattered on the descent route will be clearly visible in the dark and will show you the way to victory.

Focus on the current tasks. You absolutely do not need to perform a huge number of tricks and flips, if it is not spelled out in the task itself. Set real goals for yourself and achieve results gradually.

Practice the grind. Alto's Adventure offers you a lot of options for grinding, but first of all, you need to take into account that the coins and boosters that you need so much are located quite low, closer to the ground.

gRazbivayte stones. You can smash a rock in your path with a so-called speed blast, which can be obtained after successfully performing a flip.

Jump to avoid the old people. If you pass near the fire, the old man sitting by the fire will jump on the llama and start chasing you. It slows down only if you jump, so take the jumps to the weapons.