Passing Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: tips and tactics

The developers of the famous franchise Plants vs. Zombies decided to supplement their already successful idea with card gameplay. As a result, we were presented with Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Naturally, you will not find the usual cards in it – only about 200 collectible ones, with images of both plants and well-known zombies. Each card character has unique skills and abilities, buffs and superpowers. How to proceed in this new game that combines two types of gameplay? Our tips will tell you.

Keep track of the tracks

Where the tracks you place your defense were important in Plants vs. Zombies, and Heroes in this sense is no exception: in the new game you will find five tracks, your hero at the bottom of the screen and the enemy hero-at the top.

Each turn starts with you spending your sun or brains (if you are playing on the zombie side) to place the cards on the line. Then the card characters attack each other – the card whose attack power (marked in green) exceeds the health reserve of the opponent's card (red hearts) wins. The defeated card is removed from the playing field.

Some lines give players special advantages – raised lines promise bonuses for some types of cards, and only cards with the amphibious ability can be played on underwater lines.

V Plants vs. Zombies Heroes the playing fields can be very different, and the tracks-even more so, so at the beginning of the game try to orient yourself so that there are no unpleasant surprises. If you are not sure which map to place and where to place it, just place it above the track – then you will see a special battle icon that will appear above the enemy map that your map will fight.

Supersils and where to find them

Gsomnevaete, which hero to choose? Then learn exactly what cards this hero can use. The fact is that each hero in this game is able to use two of the five classes of cards, and, in addition, he has four superpowers, one of which is unique.

Who is a Super-Block? This is your hero's ability to deflect an attack by blocking damage. For this purpose, a special scale is used, which is gradually filled in and activated at the time of the attack – it gives you a superpower card.

The superpower card is introduced into the game by swiping, but you can not use it immediately, putting it off for later. Please note-using it immediately at the time of its appearance is free, and putting it in reserve, you can enter it into the game only by paying for it with resources.

Supersils of plants:

Green Shadow: accurate shooting-when attacking, it deals damage of 5 units in the middle line.

Solar Flare: Sunburn-deals 2 points of damage, and also adds you an extra sun until the end of the game.

Wall-Knight: indestructible – no damage can be done to your hero during this turn, adds a card to you.

Chompzilla: devourer – destroys the zombies with the lowest health level.

Spudow: Potato Strike-creates a potato mine that deals 6 points of damage.

Citron: shield-plants cannot be damaged during this turn, adds a card.

Grass Knuckles: Power Pummel-deals 2 points of damage on each ground line.

Nightcap: Mushroom Strike-creates a poisonous mushroom with the Anti-Hero 2 ability, and also deals 2 points of damage.

Rose: goatify-turns the zombie with the highest attack level into a goat.

Supersons of zombies:

Super Brainz: Gone – moves zombies and gives you a bonus attack option.

The Smash: Giant Attack-destroys a plant with an attack level of 4 or lower.

Impfinity: Triple Strike-creates two more of its clones with the amphibian ability on different lines.

Rustbolt: reducing beam-takes away 3 attack units from the plant, gives a map.

Electric Boogaloo: Stay alive-deals 3 points of damage to the plant, heals the hero by 3 points.

Brain Freeze: Frozen tundra-freezes all plants on land lines.

Professor Brainstorm: eureka – gives you three random cards in your hand.

Immorticia: Meet the Witch-creates a zombie bat that gives you an extra card by attacking the plant.

Z-Mech: Rocket Madness-attacks three random lines, dealing damage in two units.

Neptuna: Octo-remote-creates an octopus with the quality of an amphibian.

perform the tasks

es if you are a beginner in this game, you should start with the single-player mode Plant Missions. It is presented as a series of levels, divided into five episodes each, in which the final episode will be a battle with the boss. In the future, you will be able to unlock the Zombie Missions mode.

G bEfore entering the mission, you need to select a deck from the available ones at your disposal and make changes to it, if you want. Missions mode is good for earning coins and completing quests.

Quests you will find by tapping on the icon with an exclamation mark. Regular tasks can be completed both in single-player mode and in PvP matches, and new tasks appear regularly, replacing the ones you have already completed. Those quests that you do not want to pass can be removed from the list, but the number of such actions is limited – you should take this into account.

Quests for heroes are located separately, you will pass them in any game mode, and they are unique for each hero. For the completed tasks, you will be awarded crystals, so we do not advise you to refuse to complete quests – crystals are not superfluous.

Improve the decks

The starting deck obtained with each hero is very well balanced, but it can still be improved.

In this deck, you will not find rare cards, which means that you will have to use Premium card packs, buying them for crystals. Of course, buying 60 of these sets for 5000 crystals is a great and profitable idea, but at the start of the game you will not accumulate so many crystals quickly enough, and you want to improve your situation right now.

Therefore, we recommend that you first modify your deck yourself by tapping on the ‘Collection’ icon, and then on the ‘Decks ' icon. Keep in mind that you should not change the cards for those that will cost you more resources at the initial stage of the game – you simply will not be able to use them effectively.

nescription and quality of maps:

G As in most card games, in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, each card has a description and a list of qualities. The description indicates the basic properties of the map, but the qualities are much more important.

Ne each card has special qualities, but in rare and improved cards there may be several of them.

Who gives you each of the qualities:

Afterlife: When the card is destroyed, you can play it again.

Amphibious: Plays on land and on water.

Anti-Hero [x]: +[x] is strong against a certain hero.

Armored [x]: Reduces damage [x].

Bounce: Returns to the deck owner.

Bullseye: does not affect the opponent's blocking scale.

Deadly: Destroys any attacking plant.

Freeze: Causes the zombie to skip a turn.

Frenzy: After destroying the plant, attacks again.

Gravestone: the zombie hides in the tombstone until a certain time.

Splash Damage [x]: Deals damage not only to one zombie, but also to neighboring ones.

Strikethrough: Deals damage to zombies and their hero at the same time.

Team-Up: Here you can use two plants at the same time.

Gvverkh on the PvP ladder

Gmatchi with other players is the main reason for the popularity of all CCG. Plants vs. Zombies offers you a familiar game formula in two versions. Casual matches are not so difficult, you still earn coins in them. Rating matches are more difficult, they offer you to go through a series of tournaments in leagues in which more experienced gamers have gathered. For winning such matches, you can get not only coins, but also crystals.

As for the rating, you get two stars for winning such a match, and one more if your previous match also ended in victory. From level 10, each loss will cost you minus one star.

GD even if you do not plan to constantly play in PvP mode, you should at least try it – during these matches you will still be able to complete tasks, which means that even if you lose, your chances of getting crystals increase significantly. And crystals are definitely necessary, because without them it will not be possible to thoroughly improve the deck.

For example, you can play casual matches with your friends by inviting them from social networks – this will be both fun and a good way to earn extra crystals to buy Premium packages.