Passing Prey Day: Survival-survival in the world of zombies

Test yourself for strength in the dark time of the zombie apocalypse - why not?! With Prey Day: Survival, this is quite possible, even virtually, but nevertheless. In this game, the elements of cooperative gameplay are quite clearly manifested, so it is not unlike the MMORPG genre to a large extent.

So, what are the features of survival in it and what does a novice player need to know?

Health in this game is the key to everything. Here, when you lose health, you lose everything - and this is no joke. In Prey Day: Survival, your death entails the loss of everything, you will be left without inventory and accumulated goods. Keep this in mind and try to survive at all costs. Even if you have to risk or sacrifice something to do it.

Trees - yes or no?The first thing you need to decide on before you start survival is the trees. Do you want them to grow on your territory? If you dig them out, they won't grow back. At the same time, they can serve as protection for your home and an obstacle for enemies. So make a decision about the trees right away, otherwise it will be too late.

Walls are not needed, you can not worry about the walls around your territory. It is not necessary to build them yet - at the moment, raids by other players on your base are not provided.

Learn the controls as you should learn the controls - in Prey Day: Survival, there are many nuances to it. For example, the lower left joystick is responsible for moving the character, the upper right corner of the screen is given to health indicators, food and water levels. In the lower right corner is a mini-map, and below it is the construction icon. Next to it is a button that opens the inventory menu. In the same place, at the bottom right, there are options that allow you to interact with objects. As you can see, there are a lot of controls on the screen, so master them in as much detail and carefully as possible.

Explore everything around the banal, but effective advice. You can't survive without resources, so you need to explore the surrounding areas as thoroughly as possible. Don't be overly enthusiastic - this game is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Keep track of indicators Health levels, water and food indicators are something that you need to keep track of constantly. If they drop to zero, you will die.

There are many ways to get food for berries, but the easiest way is to find a clearing with berries under the trees.

Potatoes in abandoned houses, or rather, in the vegetable gardens next to them, you can find potatoes. It is good because it increases not only your food level, but also your water level.

In the process of exploring territories, do not forget about the places where you have already found prey - after a while it may appear there again. The best way in this case is to go around the territory according to a certain scheme on a moped. It's fast and efficient.

Looting Don't forget to examine abandoned cars, you can find first aid kits with patches and medicines in them.

Lifetime warranty? No.Remember that the weapon you created will not serve you forever After a while it will break, and you will have to craft a new one. Keep this in mind when you go on a dangerous mission.