Passing SIEGE: Titan Wars-tips and tactics

SIEGE: Titan Wars is a strategy game from the Game Alliance studio, which, for sure, will seem familiar to you. It has something from Clash Royale, something from a collectible card game, and, in addition, it will remind you of old-school strategies in the theme of Warcraft.

GS where to start and how to start in this game? The tutorial will help you answer the question, and we hope that our tips will complement it.

Tips for fighting < p>

Gstarayte not to waste energy at the start of the battle - you will need it in the future. It is better to accumulate it, and not throw all the troops into the attack immediately. Wait a bit - it will give you an advantage.Use several types of troops at once and keep an eye on the situation - in SIEGE: Titan Wars, it can change extremely quickly, both in your favor and against you.

Do not try to crush the enemy with a massive attack, concentrating your troops in one zone - he can apply spells that affect the area, and thus destroy your group.

Keep track of which units the enemy uses and counterattack skillfully.

Remember - you can still win the battle if you destroy more enemy towers than he does - yours. This will work even if you failed to destroy his base.


Titans are powerful units that require a large amount of energy. But they also need support, so use them in parallel with several other units. Titans will deal the main damage, and the rest of the units will complete it.

Titans are very strong, but they are not invulnerable. You will have to heal them with special spells to keep them fighting as long as possible.

Orc Thrasher - the easiest titan to get. It costs only 4 units of energy, has a good health reserve and can destroy almost anything.

G is also interested in the Phantom: it costs 5 units of energy, has less health than the Orc Thasher, but is able to deal additional damage to towers and bases.

y He has another interesting passive ability: when his health reaches zero, he turns into a tomb with his own health indicator.

If the tomb wasn't destroyed in a few seconds, the Phantom will resurrect and be ready for battle again. With skillful use, this Titan is almost invincible.

Ruse this Titan with other units, so that the enemy does not choose his tomb as a target.

zaklany and special attacks

Zamedlenie enemy attack-this is an important component of success. Use cards like Tidal Wave to knock your opponent back and slow down their units. This will cost you only 1 unit of energy, and the effect will be very significant, so use this trick whenever possible.Use area-specific spells, such as Fireball and Arrow Storm, to attack a group of units. This is especially effective if your enemies have just put a Phantom into battle.

< /p>Ruse Sludge when enemy units are at a distance, and you need time to accumulate energy.

Gapgradite cards

Gapgradite cards that are responsible for your favorite attacks first. Money is not earned so quickly here, so it makes no sense to spend it on improving attacks that you are unlikely to use.