Passing Star Wars: Force Arena-tips, tactics and secrets

The game is quite complex and requires a well-developed approach. In Star Wars: Force Arena, you just need to have a detailed plan of attack.

The enemy towers will not be destroyed by themselves, and the enemy (or enemies, if we are talking about 2x2 mode) does not self-destruct. You will also benefit from having a good combat strategy and act strictly according to it.

krom this you also need to make the right steps between fights. We are talking about improving the deck and other types of development. There are many options for proper preparation, which will help you easily win even over a difficult opponent.

hYmenno this article contains all the necessary information, namely: the right game strategies, tips and hints. They will always come in handy and help you defeat your enemies with Rebellion or Empire. If you want to unlock more leadership cards, take a look at our guide dedicated to this case.

Don't stop, war is a movement

the biggest difference between Force Arena and other Moba / card games is the lead character you control. All other units, including vehicles, appear on the battlefield by dragging them from a special tab as soon as enough energy is accumulated. But the leader can attack and move only under your control.

Peremovement on the battlefield is very easy, you just need to click on the place where you would like to put the leader. With the attack, the same scheme is used. You tap on the enemy and either wait for them to die, or send the leader to the next target. You will see the target that the leader is pointing at on the green line on the screen.Each leader also has a special skill that is activated by clicking on the round button that is located in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the cards. The skill does not require energy, unlike cards, and you can use it as soon as the timer rolls back. Be sure to review all the information and capabilities of the leader you are going to use. Be especially attentive to passive abilities.

G Keys to victory in the Force Arena

The main goal in the Force Arena is to destroy the enemy base. To do this, you need to overcome the opponent's protective shield and destroy at least one of his two towers. Only then will the generator be available.

It is important to remember that there are 3 minutes for each match, so the turrets need to be destroyed as soon as possible. Each destroyed turret gives a point to the piggy bank, and if the main generator is not destroyed by the time the time expires, it is these points that will reveal the winner. If at the end of 3 minutes the result is tied, the game gives an additional round of 60 seconds. If the winner does not appear, a draw will be counted.

Gestvenno the enemy will try to win over you, so the mini-map must be strictly controlled. It will show the current location of the enemy leader (or

< /p>liders, if we are talking about 2x2 mode), as well as triangles that represent enemy units. Until they get close enough, you won't know what kind of units they are. Well, at least the map isn't very big.

G Each tower has a glowing green plus sign. It partially restores your leader's health. During the duel, you can retreat behind the tower to restore your health.

Rto release the map on the battlefield, it must be dragged to the place where you would like your subordinates to appear. But you can't attack from the back, the mini-map provides for this. By destroying the towers, the landing zone of your army increases and units can appear closer to the enemy base. Sometimes this is useful, in order to deliver an unbreakable victory blow, but do not forget that the enemy can also do to you.

Pogovorim about decks

Rabota with decks is simple and very situational. You can edit their content by clicking on the "Deck" key in the main navigation bar, on the left side of the game's main screen, and then click on any of the four active leaderboards (2 for Rebel and 2 for Empire).

GKROM unique cards that can only be used with specific leaders, the deck can include 7 of any cards along with the leader card. But the main thing is what kind of cards will be in your formation. When discussing strategies, you can talk forever, but the main thing is to adhere to two basic principles.

the average cost of energy. The most powerful cards at the same time and the most expensive in energy. You will make a huge mistake if you build your deck of expensive cards. Do not forget that the battle is given 3 minutes, and the energy is not restored so quickly. In addition, most likely, your enemy will have a balanced deck, so this way you will not win. The starting deck in the game will help you understand how to subsequently create your own set of cards. The original deck has an average energy cost of 3.3 – 3.6. When replacing cards, keep track of their consumption indicators, try to make them equal to each other. Thus, the average cost of energy will remain.

charts advantages. Perhaps in the game, the system of duels is more complicated than rock-paper-scissors, but you still have to work with the categories of cards. If you click on any card from the collection, you will see the "Advantage" button. By clicking on it, you will see its strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to create a deck correctly.

Map updates and promotion. In which cases it is better to dig < p>

Razblokirovka maps is just the beginning. If you really liked it and decided to use it, you will have to collect as many copies of this map as possible. The point is, to improve it, you need additional copies to make it even stronger. All according to the classics of the genre.

Maps that can be improved are displayed at the bottom with a green bar. Just click on this

map and select the "Improve" button. In order for everything to go smoothly, you need to have a sufficient number of Credits – with each new improvement, the cost increases.

g When improving the cards, the player is also awarded XP points, which increase the personal level. You can see it in the upper-left corner of the main menu. With each new level, you get all the basic indicators, the shield generator becomes more powerful, and the towers get additional lives and attack.

How do I get more cards? There are several ways and all of them need to be used!

v store. You can buy 5 cards (the set is constantly changing) for Credits or for Gems.

as a reward for the battle. You get a special Victory Pack for each victory, although it takes time to unlock such gifts. Every four hours, the game awards you a free set (if you do not log in during the day, you will have 3 such surprises available at once) and a Play Pack set, as soon as you score 10 Play Points for participating in battles.In the Trade tab, you can exchange your cards for other random ones, but with the proper availability of money.

Za completion of the mission. You will see a small orange icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, click on it. The reward can be card packs, special cards, or the ability to choose one of the offered cards.

Everything you need to know about the leaders

The game may constantly have new leaders, but for now, let's discuss what we have.

Liders Rebels

Luke Skywalker-Special ability: Trust Your Feelings. When Ben Kenobi is defeated, Luke Skywalker's damage increases by 20% for 30 seconds. Skill: Lightsaber Slash. Deals all enemies around 250% lightsaber damage.

Han Solo-Special ability: Lucky Shot. It has a 15% chance to deal 100% critical attack (from base damage). Skill: Trip Mine. Infects the ground, and anyone who steps on it takes 500% damage from the attack power.

Princess Leia – Special ability: Rebel Leader. All units have a constant + 7% movement speed. Skill: Call for Reinforcements. Summons 3 Rebel Guards.

Lando Calrissian-Special ability: Gambler. When Lando uses his skill, the energy is restored by 1-2 points. Skill: Tactics. Uses excellent tactics that replace the cards in the player's hands with others.

Sabine Wren-Special ability: Explosives Expert. The attack power of the allied units increases by 25%. Skill: Explosive Barrage. Jumps backwards and throws forward explosives that deal 300% damage.

Captain Cassian Andor-Special ability: Marksman. Ranged units gain 1 additional unit of attack range. Skill: Special Forces. Summon two pathfinders.

Bodhi Rook – Special ability: Technician. Damage to Bodhi structures and ground vehicles is reduced by 20%. Skill: Request Supplies. There is a package with energy and health, which can be used by anyone.

Ezra Bridger – Special ability: Contemplation. If Ezra's life level decreases to 40%, she will have 10% added to her attack speed. Skill: Spinning Strike. Leaps forward, dealing 250% damage to all enemies in the area with the lightsaber.

Baze Malbus-Special ability: Comrades. As long as Chirrut is alive, Baze gains +25% attack speed. Skill: Buster Shot. Makes 3 fire shots, each of which deals 110 % attack damage to the enemy and surrounding targets.

Jyn Erso-Special ability: Underdog. The attack power of ranged troops increases by 18%, only works if the number of allied towers is less than the enemy's. Skill: Sharpshooter. Uses a sniper rifle to deal 400% of the attack power to the enemy at a distance.

Empire Gliders

Emperor Palpatine-Special ability: Unlimited Power. When an enemy or allied leader has fallen, the Palpatine's attack power increases by 14% for 15 seconds. Skill: Force Lightning. Deals lightning damage to nearby enemies (up to 5 units), dealing 350% of the attack power.

Boba Fett-Special ability: Target Acquired. Boba Fett deals 12% more damage to enemy leaders. Skill: Missile Strike. Fires a missile, dealing 300% damage within the strike radius.

Dengar-Special ability: Back to the Wall. Dengara's attack power increases by 20% if the number of enemy towers exceeds the number of allied towers. Skill: Grenade Toss. Throws a grenade, dealing 300% damage in the hit area.

Agent Kallus-Special ability: Exposed Weakness. Kallus always deals 10% extra damage when there is an oncoming enemy attack. Skill: Crackdown. Deals 250% damage in the strike area and stuns opponents for 1.5 seconds.

Director Orson Krennic – Special ability: Advanced Weapon. If the number of enemy towers exceeds the number of allied towers, the energy charging rate increases by 20%. Skill: Dedicated Fire. Fires 6 times, dealing 360% damage to enemies.

Darth Vader-Special ability: Fearsome Enforcer. If any leader on the battlefield is hit, units that are controlled by Dart Vader instantly recover 12% HP. Skill: Force Pull. Moves enemies closer to you, dealing 100% damage.

The Grand Inquisitor – Special Ability: Press the Advantage. Allied units gain 20% attack speed and 20% movement speed when the enemy leader is defeated. This bonus is valid for 7 seconds. Skill: Spinning Saber. Spins his lightsaber as he moves forward, dealing 350% damage.

Grand Moff Tarking – Special ability: Loyalty Through Fear. Uses the Battle Support card, it has a 50% chance of recovering 1 unit of energy. Skill: Orbital Strike. Summons Orbital Strike, dealing 400% damage in the affected area.

Grand Admiral Thrawn-Special ability: Student of War. Thrawn's attack power increases by 5% every 5 seconds, up to 50%. When he is defeated, the indicator is reset. Skill: Skilled Commander. Raises allied morale by increasing attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 40%, for 6 seconds.