Passing Suicide Squad: Special Ops-tactics and tips

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an official game based on the characters of the blockbuster "Suicide Squad", in which gamers are waiting for first-person battles. In it, surprisingly, there are no in-game purchases, no energy storage system, although this game is distributed under the free to play scheme. Its second interesting feature is the inability of the gamer to save his progress, which means that to get into the leaderboards you will need time, patience and the ability to think strategically – and here our tips will be very appropriate.

LEARN your heroes

Each of your heroes has distinctive features that make it indispensable in certain situations. For example, Deadshot is perfectly suited for fighting at a distance due to the fact that he owns an assault rifle-then he really easily hits the enemy's head, and his pistols, of course, are more effective in close combat.

Gharli Quinn is as good as possible up close due to the virtuoso possession of a baseball bat, but her revolver reloads slowly – you should not count on it too much. El Diablo has only pyrokinesis, but this property is optimal for many cases – you can throw fire at different distances, and you can recharge it quite quickly.

Plan the order of the characters

You will have to play three characters in one game session, and the characters change the fallen brother automatically – you only need to determine the order in which they will follow each other. In Suicide Squad: Special Ops, you will not be able to save and continue – if all three of your characters die, then the game can be considered over. That is why you need to plan the order of use of heroes, taking into account the unique abilities of each of them and your personal skills.

GES, for example, if you are good at shooting from a distance, then save the Deadshot for more difficult stages of the game, when the opponents attacking you will be more dangerous. At the same time, if you want to deal with the enemy hard and bloody, at close range and one-on-one, then choose Harley Quinn.

G Select a position for the squad

Gthe squad will follow you and be based in the shape of a triangle at your position. If you move forward from it and then return, they will re-form to stand in front of you and take on the attack of the first wave of opponents. At the same time, your final score depends on how many enemies you destroy, and not for how many waves you can hold out. Therefore, use the services of the squad for protection only when it is really necessary. Keep in mind that there are opponents who will attack from the flanks, so position your squad so as not to get surrounded.

G If you don't know exactly how to act and where to move, follow your squad – they always shoot where the enemies appear. Keep in mind that you can not harm your teammates, so shoot calmly, even if the enemy is near someone from your squad.

Collect prey

There are always breaks between waves. Use them to pick up ammo or reload El Diablo. The ammo boxes don't disappear, so if necessary, you can always go back to collect the ones you missed. In addition, you will find many other, no less necessary things – in the boxes you will find first-aid kits, armor, and even attack boosters. Health boosters drop from dead enemies, but before you run into the thick of enemies for such a booster that just fell out, make sure that you are armed with something suitable for close combat-otherwise you will not be able to fight back.

Use the pause with caution

gt Since you can't save your progress, the ability to pause the game is very useful to you. But remember, a pause can lead to a variety of, sometimes unexpected consequences. It all depends on what stage of the level you decide to stop at. If you hit pause immediately after your death or during a break between enemy attacks, then everything will be fine, but if it happened during the battle, the enemy will continue to attack you, and you will die without resisting. Therefore, use the pause carefully, especially if you do not plan to kill your current hero.