Passing the Wind Flower festival in Genshin Impact: mini-games, acts, alcobard, and more

The Wind Flower Festival is the largest event in Genshin Impact at the beginning of 2021. The players ' eyes run away, and mora and primogems are always not enough. By the way, if you want to know how to get 470 primogems for free, then you are here. If you want to find out how many source stones you can accumulate in Patch 1.4, welcome to the light. Here we will analyze what is related to the acts: when they come out, what to expect from them. We will also talk about mini-games that are available only during the Holiday. Let's not forget to take a walk around Venty and why he has a problem with alcohol.

Let's start from the beginning. The wind flower festival is the theme of Mondstadt. At this time, people celebrate freedom and love (the local alternative to our February 14). The first quest, with which everything begins — An Ode to flowers and clouds. There you need to talk to a couple of NPCs. As a result, it turns out that there is no work for us. Venti comes to the rescue: during this holiday, they sell limited batches of young wine, and he needs money. We are given the task of speaking out and solving the problems of the people of Mondstadt.

Wind Flower Invitation

After the end of the Ode to flowers and clouds, two more tasks become available to players: "Hard-to-reach places" and " Keep quiet!". In the first one, you need to remove the piles of flowers on the roofs of the houses. In the second, you will have to drive the noisy lovers out of the library. This is only the first act; others will open in the following days:

Act II: A Letter to the Clouds and Fog-opens on the 22nd Marthaakt III: The Realm of Fog and Wind-opens on the 25th Marthaakt IV: A Dream of Winds and Flowers-opens on the 28th Marthamini-games

After the quests, we run to perform the festive tests. To do this, go to Liz, the knight of the Ordo Favonius; she will mark them on the map. The first of them - Right in the bull's-eye. It is divided into four separate trials; they open with the release of the subsequent act. For the maximum reward, you need to score 2,600 points. The scheme is as follows: we pop orange balls, they explode and touch the green ones standing next to them. Do not touch the red balls — they take away points.

This is followed by a test called "A Thousand Flowers in the Wind". We soar on a glider or wings down, collecting glowing balls, nectar wreaths and finishing wreaths along the way. For balls give 35 points, for a nectar wreath-200 points. The brown clumps are slowing us down, so avoid them. For the maximum reward, you need to earn 3,000 points.

The last is the mini-game "Song of the Winds". There are three levels of difficulty, and the event resembles some Guitar Hero. On expert difficulty, you need to earn 1,800 points. Pressing the keys/ tapping on the screen is not in rhythm, so turn off the music and collect the necessary points.

Fascinating wonderlandthe last thing I want to touch on is the dungeon with challenges. To do this, we are looking for Brown, an adventurer. Near him, you need to clear the mobs and talk to him. After that, the gate to the dungeon opens. There, one of the five trials is chosen at random. They last no more than a minute, it is recommended to take place in a cooperative. At the end, players will face the final boss battle. To have a better chance of defeating him, you need to collect crystals by level: they increase Pyro-resistance, critical damage, and several other indicators. Before the battle with the boss, you need to pass three random tests. For the passage of 200 friendship coupons are given, which are exchanged for themed items and weapons. Here are the challenges facing Travelers:

Bubble Collision-run up and dodge the bubbles. At the same time, it is necessary to have time to collect crystals to increase the level of expression of the anemonia — we collect the corollas falling from above. If you choose red, then you need to start over. On the ground, they quickly disappear, so do not hesitate to shake the mischievous slabs-we stand on stone slabs, some of which fall. It is necessary to look for immovable slabs of an equilateral movement-we remember the luminous path from the blocks and try to repeat it from memory. If you reach the finish line without making an error, you can get an additional bonus. glasses expressivegradatory dance-we dodge various attacks and projectiles of a certain mechanism in the center of the dungeon. If you are hit more than four times, then the test is considered a failure, and you are charged with expressivePrise points

For participating in the Wind Flower Festival, we receive not only typical rewards, such as Mora and primogems, but also holiday coupons. They are spent in the theme store. The most popular and cheapest product is talent books. You may have heard of two items that are passed off as mini-games and they remain forever. So, they cost a lot and you will have to wait for the opening of all the acts, and even pass the above tests. This applies to the Festive Balloon and the Lyre of the Winds. You can play with the latter anywhere, even in a co-op. The most expensive item is the Crown of Insight. This is a 5-star item that boosts talents. Available only in one copy, as well as the Lyre with a balloon.

For friendship coupons, you can and should buy a 4-star bow "Ode to Anemonia". During the Holiday, you can pump with a bonus of x1, 5. The Visible Wind item is needed to awaken the bow. The chains of the lion's fang are needed for elevation. The number is limited, so you will have to feed in the dungeons to level up to level 90. General advice: buy everything that is bad in stores and swing.