Passing Transformers: Forged to Fight-tips and tactics

One of the best aspects of the game Transformers: Forged to Fight is that the authors from the Kabam branch in Vancouver managed to make each character of the game necessary and useful. Even simple one-star bots can be useful to you – they are able to extract resources, protect the base and complete missions.

Samo itself, you plan not to stop there and want to get the best of the best heroes-4-star bots (5-star bots are not available yet and will appear in the game in the future). It is not so easy to get hold of them, especially if you are new to the game. But, at the same time, it is not unrealistic to get such robots. What is needed for this? So:

pust you are lucky with Premium Bot Crystal

gwho for 100 units of Energon or for a certain number of fragments, you can open Premium Bot Crystal, which guarantees you a 2 -, 3-or 4-star bot. It all depends on the great gods of random, so if you know the prayers addressed to them-you can use them to get a 4-star character. Putting jokes aside, we can say that 2-star bots, of course, are more common, but there are still chances for 4 stars, so go for it.

Play them in the arenas

GES If you have already spent some time in the Arena mode, you will notice that in Transformers: Forged to Fight, several arenas are active at the same time, each with its own requirements for bots and with individual prizes. Pay attention to those arenas that require three-and four-star robots to participate – they often offer four-star bots as prizes.

Guchte - to get such a bot, you must finish the battle in the arena with a result very close to the top of the leaderboards. This means that first you will need a lot of investment – only then you will be able to compete in the arena with other players and look worthy against their background. Therefore, before you take risks in the arena, prepare yourself well.

Save the crystal shards of the 4-star bots during the Alliance Events

gwhen to get a 4-star bot, you will have to join alliances. This will allow you to participate in special Alliance Events that can last one day, three days, or a week. Seven-day events promise you shards of 4-star bot crystals, but you should know that there is a trap here.

Oskolki is a rating prize, its receipt does not depend on the achievement of your goal – only on the percentage rating you received at the finish of the event. For example, during the weekly “Raid Ascent” event, any alliance that is in the top ten by percentage will receive 75 shards of 4-star bot crystals. Members of the alliance need to be active during the event – then they will get a certain amount of the total winnings.

G How many shards do you need to be guaranteed to collect a 4-star bot? Apparently, a lot – not less than 1000, judging by the layouts in this game.

Eto will not be easy, but now you know what to do, and what paths will lead you to get the most powerful robot transformers.