Passing Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch - tips and hints

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion-one of the last Warhammer-themed games, created by the Rodeo Games studio, known to us from Warhammer Quest and the Hunters series. Perhaps you are not so familiar with the development of Games Workshop and the Warhammer 40K universe, and do not know the difference between a bolter and a power fist, so we will try to help you and, as far as possible, explain the main nuances of the game.


the most important thing at the start is to thoroughly study your squad. Here are beautifully equipped giants with strange names, and each of them has its own set of combat qualities. Therefore, they will have to be used in battle in completely different ways.

GSTURM space Marines are good in close combat, tactical ones are designed for medium-range battles, and Reavers are heavily armed and operate whenever and wherever a battle ensues. All of them together will make a well-balanced squad - this will make you almost invulnerable.

Gin the process of squad upgrades, pay attention to the parameters that are most important for each individual fighter. For those paratroopers that you need for ranged combat, improve your accuracy, and for the masters of melee battles and melee attacks, you need to upgrade your health level.

Hold together

g hold your squad together. Practice shows that it is much easier to survive in a group than alone. But, at the same time, the excessive crowding of your fighters can prevent them from acting. It is more convenient to shoot when no one is blocking your view, and you need a certain space to work with a sword.

Gbrossing far ahead in the midst of enemies also does not make sense – so you will spend your AP (action points), after which you will stand and be beaten. In this game, the winners are those who are not in a hurry. Therefore, do not move more than you should, do not spend AP on jerks forward, and watch the movements of the fighters so that they do not block each other's actions and attacks.


This advice will probably be the most important-watch and watch again. Set up patrols and keep an eye on everything that happens around. This will allow you to cut off all attempts to attack your positions at the moment when you are waiting for your turn.

If you have at least some action points left after completing your turn – do not spare them to set up a patrol. Reavers and tactical marines can be considered the most suitable for patrolling, especially if they are armed with bolters. Plasma guns are certainly good in such cases, but they can overheat, which means that you will not be able to use them in the next round.

Learn your weapons

Learn the capabilities of your weapons well. It is divided into classes, but keep in mind – you may think that a higher-class weapon does less basic damage, and therefore it needs to be sold. Do not rush to conclusions – this weapon may have special features that will be useful to you.

gTem nevertheless, you should get rid of unnecessary weapons – with the money you get, you can buy card packs in which you will get new equipment.

Guchte also that some types of weapons may not be available in certain sections of the game. Before entering the section, check whether you can take your favorite bolter with you, otherwise the illusion of its presence will serve you badly.

Useful tips

To quickly and clearly distinguish your paratroopers, change their names to those that will be associated with their role in the group. This will simplify the task of managing them. If you want a tougher game, change the difficulty level and start going through the levels again.

Poberzhat will be harder, and the production will be more. Change the composition of your squad when you get enough paratroopers. Keep a few of them in reserve, but keep in mind that their level should be comparable to the level of all the basic representatives of your team.

Remember: Veterans, at the time you unlock them, may have a lower level than the rest of your paratroopers, but they always have extra abilities. Therefore, take them to the team immediately.