Passing World War Heroes: tips for the game

Since it is not yet possible to play real Call of Duty on your smartphone, you can choose another game in the setting of the Second World War. In World War Heroes, you will find 7 arenas for matches and the same number of modes. It provides a tutorial, which includes not all the nuances of the gameplay. It is about them that we want to tell you.

Configure management

The presence of a fairly detailed training level in World War Heroes helps to understand the basics of the game and auto shooting. But that's not all. You need to delve into the settings to make the gameplay comfortable for yourself.

Here you can adjust the sensitivity, including when driving on transport, as well as disable auto-shooting. Although, at the start of the game, it may be useful, but in the future-it is unlikely.

The camera can also be reconfigured. The same applies to the use of the 3D touch interface. As with most FPS, the control settings are essential.

Choose a mode

World War Heroes offers 7 game modes, and each requires a different approach.

Deathmatch is a classic mode where everyone is on their own. Its basis is speed. Move as fast as possible, and as soon as you notice any movement-immediately shoot.

Team Deathmatch is similar to the previous mode, except that here you have teammates who will cover your back in case of anything. But you yourself will have to support them. The main task in this mode is to stay together.

Bomb Mode-here the task of one team is to lay a bomb at a given point, and the goal of the second team is to prevent the opponents from doing this. Do not think of this mode as a survival match, focus on the bomb.

Team Squad resembles Team Deathmatch, but without any respawn. If you are killed, then the match is over for you. Therefore, the main tactic here is care and caution, lack of haste and risk.

Team Deathmatch on Tanks is exactly what you thought, a team deathmatch on tanks. Sounds original, worth a try.

Hardcore increases the total damage inflicted by you, and by yourself, too. You should be careful in it, just like in Team Squad. In order to kill your character, you will need very little ammo – and this should be taken into account.

What you can get for free

Every day you will be offered quests, and quite simple. For example, you will have to destroy x opponents with a certain type of weapon. For completing quests, you will be rewarded with gold and cash, which will not hurt.

Gold can be found in free chests that are issued for viewing ads, and not on a one-time basis, but on a regular basis.

Additional chests are issued for regular visits to the game and leveling up. But keep in mind-they do not open immediately, it takes time, so select "open" and wait, doing something else.

What is the best way to use gold? For Weapon Upgrade Points: they will allow you to improve its accuracy, damage and rate of fire, and this will help you in battle. In addition, you can unlock auxiliary components for your weapons and improve your ammunition.

Tips for fighting < p>

As you probably already realized, movement is very important in this game. But you need to be not only fast, but also smart. Keep an eye on the radar, and as soon as you find the enemy, try to flank them instead of rushing into a frontal attack.

Have you found a tank? Use it – the weapon installed on the tank, in any case, is more powerful than any other. If you meet the enemy on the tank-run without thinking.

Do not forget to use grenades, especially if you find a cluster of several opponents.

Even if you chose auto-shooting, you can still aim on your own. It is advisable to aim at the enemy's head, which will speed up the process and save you a lot of time.