Passing WWE Immortals tips and tactics

WWE Immortals introduces you to the world of wrestling, and although the mix of famous wrestlers with superheroes may seem strange to you, this game still deserves attention. The process of getting to know the cool guys and equally cool girls from WWE can be quite painful for the character you choose. That is why we offer you some tips that will help make your start in this game as smooth and safe as possible.

Grow your strength

During the battle, you gradually accumulate adrenaline, and with a sufficient amount of adrenaline, you can use special techniques that every wrestler in this game has. These techniques correspond to the real ones - this character really uses them when fighting in the ring. With these techniques, you deal much more damage, so you should use them as often as possible. If the technique was used once, then you can use it repeatedly, but for each such use, you will have to perform certain actions.

gTak, for example, to use the special Trish Stratus technique, you need to quickly tap on the edge of the screen, and the Kane technique is activated by swiping across the screen in different directions. The more taps or swipes you can make in a short, strictly allotted period of time, the more powerful your special technique will become. Therefore, before activating it, sit back and keep your fingers ready. Practice shows that this way you can increase the strength of the reception to 190 %.

Tactics of knockdowns

gdv the main types of attacks in WWE Immortals are punches with taps and swipes. You can connect these blows in a chain, alternating them, but a bunch of several swipes will be more effective, since it usually ends with the opponent falling. As soon as the opponent gets back on his feet, we recommend that you immediately start the next such bundle. If you calculate everything correctly, you will be able to knock down the enemy almost constantly, which will not allow him to cause you any significant damage.

gWam will have to be sure to monitor the opponent's team when his own health level has significantly decreased. At any time, the team can make a sudden replacement, and this will reset all your timers, so calculate the possibility of a replacement in advance so that it does not become an unpleasant surprise for you.

Each fighter has certain unique qualities, for example, can increase the damage from the entire team or increase the attack speed of the team like Seamus. These qualities will allow your team to be more effective in battle.

Gsoyuzniki and rivals

WWE Immortals has a special mechanic built in, which allows you to store information about who you teamed up with, and how all the other wrestlers were grouped. This will help you maximize the benefits of your alliances and avoid unnecessary competition.

UPGRADES first of all

gWyplaying battles, you will earn coins for which you can purchase upgrades. First of all, you should upgrade the special techniques of your character, as they help you to inflict maximum damage to your opponents. And after upgrades, the damage will become incredibly powerful, which is what you want.

Keep an eye on your opponent

g Your opponents are just like you, able to accumulate adrenaline and use special techniques. So always keep an eye on your opponent's adrenaline level, and once it's almost full, get ready to block the attack. In such cases, you should not try to form chains of strikes – in fact, you need to tap your fingers on the screen to put a block, and do it as quickly as possible.