Premium games: are we willing to pay that kind of money for them?

The question of what games are needed by modern gamers on their mobile devices concerns not only the themes and genres of these games, but also many other parameters. We have already tried to consider how popular class AAA games can be in mobile gaming, in comparison with conventional time-killers.

gt Now comes the turn of financial questions: do you need expensive games on mobile platforms, is there an audience of gamers interested in such games? And in short: is anyone willing to pay a lot of money for games (and the trend in recent years is just that)?

This question most likely concerns those gamers who generally approve of the premium model of game distribution. They will prefer to pay one day for the strategic shooter Arma Tactics, for the much-loved tower defense series of Kingdom Rush games, or for the nerve-racking horror Five Nights at Freddy's 3, instead of slowly emptying their own pockets in free-to-play games like Real Racing or Dungeon Keeper.

gItak, you are positive about paid games. But how much money are you willing to spend on mobile games of this kind? And what price tag in the App Store or Google Play will be the limit for you? For example, the famous strategy XCOM: Enemy Within will cost you.....

Gpozhaluy, this amount can not be called modest, although the class of this game is probably worth the money spent. But, with all the quality of the game, many gamers will think twice about whether they should spend so much for the sake of a few hours of gameplay, no matter how exciting it may be.

To also applies to games divided into episodes, like Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games series: one episode is not so much, but if you collect them all, you will run up a tidy sum. And the temptation to continue the game, buying additional episodes, will be very great – after all, you want to see how it all ends... In such cases, it is more profitable to buy a season pass - it will provide you with a significant discount, but then you will have to pay the money immediately, and not gradually, and not everyone can afford it.

G At the same time, along with astronomical numbers, you can see something else on the shelves of virtual app stores – those rare masterpieces that are not only not too expensive, but also beautiful, and also, in addition, fascinating.

Ta Monument Valley is a great example of combining visual style with addictive gameplay , and quite an adequate price. For such beauty and money is not a pity. And this game is not the only example of balanced price and quality. Remember - you yourself, for sure, have found games in the App Store and Google Play, about which you could immediately say: "I take it!".

G Fans of sandbox games and crafting will immediately remember the mobile version of Minecraft PE and Terraria, and fans of puzzle games will mention The Room series and the stylish Machinarium.

Horror-games like Dead Space can also be included in this list, and for GTA: San-Andreas, without a doubt, fans of this action are ready to pay.

This list can go on indefinitely, but it represents our point of view, which may be subjective. Therefore, we invite visitors to our site to participate in the discussion.

If you have ever seen games that you did not doubt and considered their price adequate, tell us about them! We would like to know what your point of view is on this matter. It may not coincide with our own, but the more interesting our dialogue will be.