Preview of Shadowgun War Games: mobile Overwatch (not really)

Shadowgun Legends was not perfect. Still, a full-fledged game-service in the genre of a shooter on mobile-this is more like someone's dream than a description of a real project, but it was to him, his magnum opus, that MADFINGER GAMES aspired.

From this point of view, Shadowgun War Games was perceived as a step back at the announcement stage. A step back, which is quite justified by modern trends. As practice shows, players do not need ENT, history, diverse gameplay and interaction elements. Therefore, after a complex, albeit not devoid of shortcomings, the game-service was followed by a regular session shooter.

The usual one, because in the trailers everything looks fun and dynamic, in practice it turns out... typical to the point of outrage.

I managed to participate in the closed beta test and play War Games, and the impressions, to put it mildly, are not very positive. From this point on, it is very important to understand that the entire text below is a personal experience.Before proceeding to their description, I will answer a few questions that I think those who are waiting for the game may have:

It is clearly simpler than Shadowgun Legends. And it's not even about the entourage, but about a variety of aspects (from the feeling of shooting to emotions during matches)In this respect, the game is simpler than Call of Duty: Mobile. I can't compare with PUBG Mobile — I haven't tried anything in common with Overwatch here, the different abilities of the characters don't make the matches more diverse, and the gameplay is unique, the game looks at the level of modern projectsthey are not new devices, so I didn't manage to experience the local beauty. On the iPad Mini 4, it did hang decently, and on the OnePlus 3T it just looked good.I would very much like to try it in 120 fps, but I am sure that the overall feeling of this would not change


You should start with the main thing that the developers focus on, and what the players are most waiting for — with the characters. Intuitively, it seems that they strongly distinguish the novelty from the competition. But it doesn't work. At least in the PTA.

I have repeatedly burned myself comparing mobile games with console games, so I will not make the same mistake again. As much as I would not like to compare War Games with Overwatch, I will still take a more suitable candidate — Brawl Stars-a project that I personally think is much better than Call of Duty: Mobile.

There are different heroes feel really different. You also have to play for them in different ways. Somewhere you need to come close, accumulating maximum energy, and somewhere-to stay at a distance, but shoot accurately. Yes, it still feels very casual, but here the platform dictates.

In War Games you have 5 heroes: tank, healer, sniper, shooter and male Tracer. But playing for any of them, you do the same actions — approach the enemy at an adequate distance and try to hit. The gameplay does not change. And the problem here is not even in the characters themselves — they are trying to be diverse. But everything breaks down because of the local locations.

The locations and map mode are not bad from the point of view of architecture. Regarding the design, I admit, there is nothing to say. It is perceived too sterile.

But the main problem with locations is their size. There's really nowhere to roam, which is why the game turns into a wall-to-wall slaughterhouse, in which victory depends only on how much each individual player is used to playing shooters on mobile.

The PTA had two modes: Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. With the first one, everything is clear — a massacre in its purest form.

The second is more pleasant, but then players come into play, who not only in Shadowgun, but also in any shooters in no time kill all the interest. They tried to prevent me from bringing the enemy flag to my base only once, when I ran straight into the enemy. One more time, I just walked away and no one even thought to follow me. The rest of the time, the victory took exactly as long as it takes to carry the flag twice from one side of the map to the other — that is, less than a minute. But, again, this is not a problem of the game, but of its users.

Don't run away from the Dead Trigger 2 shootout surprised me. This was more than 5 years ago, and even then I began to fantasize about what mobile games will become in the future. But after a few days, it became clear that this is not a new word in mobile entertainment, but just a wow effect that passes very quickly. Familiarity with the latest Call of Duty: Mobile once again convinced me of this — nothing has changed in five years.

But the "achivki" on the Spotshadowgun War Games in this regard also does not offer anything new. There is no sense of shooting here. The weapon gives a different effect, but it does not feel different: for the user, only the damage done and the shooting animation play a role.

The characters have a lot of health, so the surprise effect does not work here. Catching the enemy by surprise, you can eventually be defeated.

The conclusion of Shadowgun War Games is not Overwatch at all. It does not offer anything new, but it looks at the level of competitors.

But here for the last time it is worth noting two important things:

I am not the target audience of the game. Call of Duty: Mobile frankly disappointed me, and Shadowgun War Games feels worse than it in all aspects (and the "unique" characters do not save the situation)This is a PTA, so something may change by the global release

We have written several times recently about the state of the industry — that mobile games earn more than console, computer and VR games combined. The main reason is the audience. Everyone plays mobile entertainment. And the requests of such an audience are much easier than those of the so-called hardcore gamers.

And developers quite naturally (perhaps not even by their own will) simplify their own to a state in which they can play millions, not thousands.Often when I write negative opinions about mobile games, I am asked: "write what is better". In the case of Shadowgun War Games, you can easily give an example of not only the obvious Call of Duty: Mobile, but also Shadowgun Legends. As a result, a very unpleasant question arises: if developers make games that are significantly weaker than their previous projects, what awaits us in the future?