PS4 Pro vs PS5: which console to buy in 2021?

The PlayStation 5 is more powerful than its predecessor, but I would like to understand how exactly the new game system from Sony differs from the PlayStation 4 Pro. Yes, the PS4 Pro has been up to the task for a long time, but it seems that its fans are ready to move on to a newer and better console that can compete with the Microsoft Xbox Series X.


So, in almost every way, the PS5 is better than the PS4 Pro. The only thing that may seem strange at first glance is the smaller size of the internal storage of the PS5 - 825 GB.

It is important to distinguish the PS5 solid state drive (SSD) from the PS4 Pro hard drive (HDD). The PS5 solid-state drive is one of the significant advantages, which provides faster loading and improves overall performance. From this point of view, 825 GB will not be a hindrance, even if we lose 175 GB of disk space.

In addition, there are clearly noticeable improvements that the PS5 received compared to the PS4 Pro - from 10.3 TFLOPs to 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and the ability to read Blu-ray Ultra HD discs. The only drawback we know about is the weight and overall size of the console. Below are the characteristics of both models.

< /p>PlayStation 4 Pro Features: CPU: Octa-core Jaguar, 2.1 GHz GPU: 36 CUs 911MHz, 4.2 TFLOPSRAM: 8GB GDDR5 Storage: 1TB HDD External Storage: 2.5-inch HDD, USB HDD Optical Drive: Blu-Gavide Output: 4kcharacteristics of PlayStation 5: CPU: Octa-core, 16 threads, up to 3.5 GHz (variable frequency)GPU: 36 CUs, 2.23 GHz, 10.3 TFLOPs (variable frequency)RAM: 16GB GDDR6 Storage: Custom 825GB SSD External Storage: NVME SSD slot, USB HDD Optical Drive: Ultra HD Blu-ray Video Output: 4K at 120 Hz, 8GRaphics

Like the PS4 Pro, the PS5 uses a custom AMD Radeon chip, but is more powerful. The units used to measure performance are teraflops. TFLOPs is a term for directly measuring the performance of a computer or console. It shows the system's ability to compute one trillion floating-point operations per second. The PS4 Pro offers 4.2 teraflops, which means it can handle 4.2 trillion floating-point calculations per second. The PS5 doubles that number by a margin, offering 10.3 TFLOPs.

With 36 CU units and the PS5's clock speed, it is capable of achieving much more in terms of graphics than any other PlayStation system before it. The 2.23 GHz frequency in the PS5 is twice that of the PS4 Pro, which runs at 911MHz. This refers to the speed at which the system can perform internal operations, and is measured in cycles per second. The clock speed of the PS5 will depend on the game and how much the GPU is involved in it.

Permission Now let's talk about permission. We all want our games to look better than ever, and Sony will do everything possible to do this. The PS5 supports 4K video at 120 Hz as well as 8K, but don't expect such high resolution to quickly become mainstream. Although the PS4 Pro can also output a 4K image, it doesn't support this resolution in all games, plus it doesn't support variable refresh rates either.

The PS5 works with 120 Hz displays, which is great for eliminating gaps and handling higher frame rates. We're hoping for the standard 60 fps, but some games like Dirt support up to 120 fps on the PS5. However, you will need a higher-end monitor to evaluate the image quality.

Also worth mentioning is the presence of an HDMI 2.1 port, which is not yet included as standard, but is a step towards the future. It is likely that HDMI 2.1 will become more common in the future – as well as 8K screens.


If we talk about prices, the standard version of the PS5 costs 46,999 rubles, and the digital version costs 37,999 rubles. These prices are competitive and roughly in line with user expectations, especially when compared to the Xbox Series X, which is priced similarly. There were rumors that Sony representatives were waiting to find out how much Microsoft's new Xbox would cost before setting a price for the PlayStation 5. Both companies tend to keep each other on their toes, so this assumption is not surprising.

Price is the main factor when deciding whether to upgrade to a new gaming system. For example, the high price negatively affected sales of the PS3 in 2006. Then it strongly alienated potential buyers. Later, in 2013, the Xbox One suffered the same fate due to its price, which was noticeably higher than that of the PS4. At the moment, you can get the PS4 Pro for about 37,999 rubles. This is not much cheaper than the PS5.

Paying 9,000 rubles more, you will get a faster system with an SSD and the ability to play exclusive titles such as Demon's Souls and Godfall, plus, in almost all of your games for PS4 and PSVR. Due to high demand, Sony has doubled the number of PS5 systems that will be produced by March 2021 to 9 million units, but it is still difficult to find both versions of the console on sale. They are only available for pre-orders.

Storage The PS5's 825GB SSD may seem like a downgrade compared to the 1TB in the PS4 Pro, but it's actually an improvement in terms of performance. Sure, you're losing 175GB of storage space, but the benefits of an SSD can't be underestimated. The PS5 custom solid-state drive has a direct read throughput of 5.5 GB per second and is designed specifically for this system. This means that it will work more efficiently than if it were standard. Although, even a standard solid-state drive will surpass the performance of the current PS4 Pro hard drive.

In addition to the high processing speed, the SSD also allows you to decompress files using the Oodle Kraken algorithm from RAD Game Tools. This data compressor allows developers to be more efficient at placing resources in the game, which frees up space and reduces texture issues. Files are read from the SSD in literally milliseconds.

Having an SSD will not only affect PS5 games, but it can also significantly improve the performance of PS4 games, many of which are still available on the new console. Since solid-state drives come standard with the PS5, developers are free to compress files of any size, which in theory will allow them to store many more games on disk. Thus, 825 GB of disk space no longer seems insufficient, given that the file sizes will be smaller.You'll also be able to expand the PS5's memory by using M2 solid-state drives. Unfortunately, it may take some time for these drives to appear on the market - they are not yet available and will most likely appear in 2021.

So, the PS5 solid-state drive is one of the key factors that affect not only the performance of the system, but also the degrees of freedom provided to developers.


What good is a new system if it doesn't have a lot of games? Thankfully, the PS5 offers more than you'd expect from a newly released console. The line at the time of release is limited, but diverse - it includes games for the whole family like Sackboy: A Big Adventure, beautiful action games like Godfall, as well as many exclusives planned for the first half of 2021.

When it comes to games, there is always something to discuss, especially when comparing the PS5 and PS4 Pro. Of course, the PS4 library is rich in thousands of titles accumulated over the seven years of the console's life cycle. Games such as Marvel's Spider-Man, God of War, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5 Royal, as well as a number of excellent third-party projects such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Resident Evil 2 Remake definitely deserve attention. In short, if you have a PS4, whether it's a base model, slim or pro, you'll have tons of fantastic games to play.It looks like the PS5 will continue the trend with a number of top-notch projects, at least judging by the list of confirmed, post-release, and already available games. We are looking forward to the release of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Resident Evil Village, as well as Horizon Forbidden West. And, of course, a lot of titles that we don't know about are in development. Since you can play almost all PS4 games on the PS5, there's not much reason to spend 37,999 rubles on older technologies.

One nuance concerns the expected appearance of more expensive projects. Recently, 2K publishers announced that NBA 2K21 will cost about 5,300 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X - 750 rubles more expensive than the current generation of AAA titles. Demon's Souls and Destruction All-Stars will also cost $ 70. It is not known whether this will affect other releases, but many suspect that the price of 5,300 rubles per game will become the new norm for next-generation consoles. This may sound bleak, but given that the prices of the games have not changed since 2005, it is hardly surprising. Again, it is worth taking into account inflation and the huge costs of developing AAA titles.

Backward compatibility Another important factor to consider when comparing consoles is backward compatibility. At first, many thought that the PS5 would be fully backward compatible with the entire PlayStation game library - from PS1 to PS4. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but we know that the PS5 will work with 99% of PS4 games, including PSVR games. Sony recently announced that only a handful of PS4 games will not be compatible with the PS5. Their list looks like this:

DWVRAfro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume Ont Isle of Man — Ride on the Edge 2 Просто Разберитесь с этим!Shadow Complex RemasteredRobinson: The JourneyWe SingHitman Go: Definitive EditionShadwenJo's dinerПо словам Sony, все остальные игры для PS4 будут работать на вашей PS5. Следует также отметить, что многие игры для PS4 будут улучшены на PS5. Такие игры, как призрак Цусимы и бога войны, в результате, смогут работать со скоростью 60 кадров в секунду. Также возможна будет кроссплатформенная перекрёстная игра между PS5 и другими консолями, хотя в настоящее время она доступна только для некоторых игр, таких как Borderlands 3 и Apex Legends.

Кроме того, PS5 будет поддерживать игры большего объёма, чем PS4 Pro. Консоль оснащена приводом Blu-лучей сверхвысокой четкости, который может работать с дисками формата Blu-ray и объемом до 100 ГБ. На PS4 Pro и использует стандартный привод Блю-Рей, который устарел даже на момент выпуска в 2016 году. Для Xbox Один X, к примеру, была выпущена с приводом 4К Блу-Рей всего лишь год спустя.<п>

в КонтроллерыВ ПС4 и ПС4 про используется контроллер DualShock 4 для. Он был относительно похож на предыдущие контроллеры для PlayStation, которые были до него. Теперь PS5 полностью отказалась от бренда Dualshock в пользу нового контроллера DualSense. Хотя против по-прежнему имеет ту же базовую раскладку кнопок, что и раньше, а также более крупный трекпад, он включает в себя инновационные функции, которые призваны изменить характер геймплея, обеспечивая более тактильный опыт.<п>

кстати, Одним из его основных достоинств являются адаптивные триггеры, которые предлагают разную степень сопротивления в зависимости от того, как вы их потянете. Кроме того, против имеет тактильную обратную связь и встроенный микрофон, который даст вам возможность общаться с другими игроками без гарнитуры.<п>

на Наиболее очевидное изменение - по крайней мере, с эстетической точки зрения - связано с выбором цвета для Сони против. Исчезла культовая глубокая чёрная расцветка, которая определяла последние три итерации контроллеров PlayStation. Вместо этого DualSense представляет собой микс чёрного и белого цветов, отражающий стиль самой консоли. Скорее всего, в будущем он будет иметь и другие расцветки, как и контроллеры контроллер DualShock до него.<п>Что касается цены, контроллеры против продаются по цене 5799 рублей, а контроллер для PS4 обходится в 3 499 - 4 999 рублей за стандартную версию. Это увеличение стоимости может быть связано с новыми функциями тактильной обратной связи против, адаптивными триггерами и увеличенным временем автономной работы.<п>

по Версии консоли<п>Наконец, давайте рассмотрим различные версии ПС5, стандартную версия и цифровую. Обе модели имеют одинаковые внутренние характеристики-за исключением отсутствия дисковода в Цифровое издание. Если внимательно посмотреть на изображение консоли, можно увидеть небольшой выступ справа на стандартной версии справа, в нём расположен Blu-ray дисковод. Модель цифрового издания выглядит немного изящнее из-за отсутствия его.<п><п>

кстати, Существует только одна версия ПС4 ПРО с точки зрения технических характеристик, хотя сама система является итерацией оригинальной ПС4. Однако существует несколько выпусков PS4 Pro с разным дизайном. К примеру, есть издание Человек-паук Marvel с красной PS4 Pro и логотипом в виде паука в центре. Часто эти специальные консоли поставляются с эксклюзивными вариантами контроллеров. Существуют модели ПС4 ПРО в стиле судьбы 2, Смерть скрутка, Бог Войны, а также недавняя версия последний из нас Часть II.<п>

кстати, компания Sony не подтвердила, будут ли в дальнейшем специальные релизы систем ПС5 с эксклюзивными дизайнами, но, скорее всего, в будущем они появятся.