PUBG Mobile Guide: tips and tactics for fighting

If you want to see the message" winner, winner, chicken dinner " in the PUBG Mobile final, then first you will have to defeat the other 99 players. Even if many of them die fighting among themselves, or end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the game territory will be reduced, this does not mean that you will not have to fight at least one of them.

You will be forced to build your tactics and find yourself in a battle, whether you want it or not. We hope that a few of our tips will help you navigate the gameplay faster than others.

The first and most important thing is the control

If you've ever played a third-person shooter, then the control in PUBG Mobile will seem familiar to you. The left side of the screen is given over to a virtual joystick, with which your character moves. When you press a part of the joystick for a long time, it starts running. By swiping your finger across the center or right side of the screen,you can look around. The crosshair that appears in the center of the screen will be different depending on the type of weapon.

The largest of the virtual buttons on the right side of the screen is responsible for shooting. On the left, just in case, there is one of the same. The other buttons on the right allow the protagonist to squat, lie down, or jump.

The button with the cross on it opens the aiming mode, which is not effective with every type of weapon. You can easily change your two favorite weapons by tapping on their image in the lower ruler of the screen.

Types of weapons and their advantages

Every match in PUBG Mobile you start without any weapons, being armed only with your own fists, so the first thing you should do is – search nearby houses or rob a defeated opponent.

The types of weapons provided in this game:

Assault rifles that can fire both single shots and bursts.

Submachine guns (SMG), multi-shot and more accurate than assault rifles, but also dealing less damage.

< /p>Light machine guns (LMG), which shoot very quickly, but are even less accurate and consume ammunition very quickly.

Shotguns that deal huge damage at a short distance.

Pistols, which are quite accurate and cause good damage at close range, but only produce one shot per unit of time (with the exception of the P18C model).

Sniper rifles that beat any other weapon in damage, accuracy and range, but do not please either the rate of fire or the capacity of the magazine.

Each type of weapon requires a different type of ammunition. What ammo you will be able to find-it is impossible to predict, but know that those that are suitable for your weapon will be highlighted in yellow.

Some types of weapons can work in different modes, which you will switch on a small panel above the image of the weapon itself. Keep in mind that firing bursts economically consumes ammo, but the automatic mode will shoot you the entire store.

Melee weapons, including a crowbar, machete, and even (don't be surprised!) it is quite possible to find a frying pan, but it is not very useful. It should only be used if absolutely necessary. In addition, you can find a more useful crossbow, three types of grenades and a Molotov cocktail.

Helmets, vests and backpacks

To be successful in PUBG Mobile, you need a good weapon - this is not in doubt, but there are other things that can affect the course of events. Helmets, vests, and backpacks are also included in the list of items needed in battle.

The helmet protects against head shots, so it is advisable to wear it constantly, if, of course, you can get it.The vest protects against shots to the body, and each of the three types of vests offers its own degree of protection – from less to more.

Backpacks are good because they allow you to carry more ammunition and useful items.

All other items of clothing are only cosmetic in nature – you can wear them and get them as loot, but it doesn't affect anything.

Restore the health level

Here you can not only receive damage, but also be treated. What you should pay attention to if you need to be treated:

Patches that restore 10 health points, but can't raise it above 75 health points.

First aid kits immediately raise the health level to 75 units.

< /p>Medical kits restore health completely, but require 8 seconds to activate, so you need to take shelter in a safe place for a while from use.

There are three other things that can restore a little health, and, in parallel, provide you with faster movement. These are syringes with adrenaline, energy drinks (which, by the way, you need to use at least two to get the effect) and painkillers. All of them slowly and gradually restore the level of health, providing speed boosters.

All consumables are stored in the inventory, the window of which is called by tapping on the backpack icon in the lower left corner of the screen. In addition, they are visible to the left of the weapon icons and can be activated from there with a simple tap.

Some tips

Remember the shelters. Yes, there will be times when you will have to move through open spaces, but you need to reduce the maximum number of such moments.

If you are still in the open, we advise you to jump, no matter how strange it may sound. The more often you jump – the more difficult a target for enemies you become. Another option is to use transport.

Do not forget that in parallel with you, your opponents are equipped and developed, so the more time has passed, the steeper the enemies around. Look for those who wear vests without helmets, and vice versa, shoot them in the head and in the body, respectively.

Before throwing grenades or Molotov cocktails, press and hold to see where they land. There is also a button that can change the trajectory and another button on the left that cancels the roll if necessary.

Remember that in PUBG Mobile, you can lie down on your face at any time, unlike most games in the battle royale genre. Use this for sniper shooting, especially when you are on the roof or on an elevated position.