PUBG Mobile-Team Deathmatch: a quick guide to the new game mode

Team DeathMatch is a new game mode that recently appeared in PUBG. If you don't have half an hour of free time to play a regular map in this game, take advantage of a faster team match - TDM is really exciting, don't hesitate.

What is TDM?Team Deathmatch mode in games of other genres looked a little different than the built-in Battle Royale. Instead of fighting, as is customary, with one life to be saved at all costs, you have many lives - as many as you want. There are an unlimited number of respawns, and the game ends only when the team commits a certain number of kills.

PUBG Mobile's TDM mode is a four - on-four battle where the goal of the game is to achieve 40 kills before the other team reaches them. The map here is small, offering a large selection of weapons. How to proceed in this new mode?

The main strategy is to move. It makes no sense for you to hold the spawn point. There are too many zones that need to be visited, so 40 kills, staying in the area of the spawn point, you will not gain. It is much better to occupy the center of the map and move closer to the spawn zone of the enemy team, so that the enemy has nowhere to hide.Use the M249. In the center of the warehouse, a real monster appears among the weapons - M249. This bad guy has 100 bullets in the magazine and a shooting speed similar to SM. This weapon will not spawn for the first minute, but will regularly spawn after a certain amount of time.Study the map. Go through the map several times to understand the location of the various points on it. If you manage to take one of the sides of the map, it will be a little easier – the enemy will be able to sneak up on you only from three sides, instead of four.

Move or stay in the camp? Many people who play PUBG Mobile are uncomfortable running and shooting at the same time-it requires a certain dexterity. If you are experienced enough to keep moving and shooting, then don't stand still. Sitting idle in the camp, you behave like a good target and prey, especially since you are easily outflanked.Do not use ADS. ADS is short for Aim Down Sights, where you aim at an enemy with the scope on your weapon. Yes, this increases the accuracy of shooting, but also slows down the process. It is convenient to use the sight not on the run, it requires accuracy and time. In fact, in this mode, you can aim normally just by holding the enemy in the center of the screen – that will be enough.Do you need sniper shooting? If you are a player with a head on your shoulders, then you understand that in this mode, no sniper shooting is out of the question – only an assault rifle will help you score 40 kills.

Don't be a target. If you shoot while standing still, you will become a good target yourself. Therefore, we recommend that you move left and right. Some players bend or jump – this is more difficult, but also effective. Your accuracy will decrease, but you will save your life.Go around the flanks. If your team is on one side of the enemy camp, do not attack the enemy directly - it is better to go around the camp and arrange a fire from the back.

Don't get too close. The temptation to sit down near the enemy spawn zone and shoot opponents right at the moment of appearance is quite great. But keep in mind-each player has a five-second invulnerability at the time of spawn, so doing this is pointless. It's much better to keep your distance.