Results of 2019: the best games of the year according to AppTime users

2020 already pleases us with new releases, so it's time to finally say goodbye to 2019, summing up the results based on the results of your vote. This year there were 20 nominations, and if in some of them the advantage of individual titles is visible to the naked eye, in others there is a more interesting distribution of votes, but there were no surprises. By the way, this year the best were chosen jointly by 15,000 people. Thank you for that!

Call of Duty: Mobile-leader

The game won in 3 categories:

Best Shooter, Best Battle Royale, Best multiplayer is quite true for a project that has shown one of the most high-profile starts in the history of the industry. Yes, not always popularity = quality, but we considered the preferences of the majority, and this is not the case when it is worth going into a detailed analysis. In 2020, we should expect major updates and probably some surprises from Activision.

Among the shooters, Call of Duty: Mobile had no competitors (Tacticool — 10%, Sierra 7 — 8%), among the royal battles — numerous royal battles of NetEase (Cyber Hunter — 12%, Ride Out Heroes 11%) tried to resist sluggishly, but in multiplayer entertainment the situation is a little more interesting: Sky: Children of the Light — 17%, Second Galaxy — 10%.

Black Desert Mobile— a beautiful MMORPG

The long-awaited multiplayer role-playing game from Pearl Abyss won in two categories. It was chosen as the best MMORPG by more than half of the participants. Rangers of Oblivion could not compete.

But among the games with the best graphics, players also voted for Oceanhorn 2 (it was only 5% short) and the solo project Bright Memory (18%).

Dead Cells— the best action platformer

If in the case of Call of Duty: Mobile and Black Desert Mobile a certain role was played by the popularity of the brand, then Dead Cells took its first places absolutely deservedly. Among the action games, she collected almost half of the votes. Human: Fall Flat has 27%, but the management features on mobile devices, and a simpler tone did not give it the opportunity to become a leader. Among the platformers, Dead Cells has the same number of ears, but the rest are fairly evenly distributed. Unfortunately, almost unnoticed was INMOST, an exclusive Apple Arcade game created in the best traditions of Limbo and INSIDE.

This Is the Police 2-a port with a cool story

There were a lot of interesting stories this year. Most of them we learned thanks to the ports, but users massively supported the beautiful This Is the Police 2. The continuation of the storyline of Jack Boyd with dialogues in the style of Quentin Tarantino left few people indifferent (except, probably, those who do not like cutscenes for half an hour)

But it is worth noting that both among the nominees (Layers of Fear, Whispers of a Machine, Neo Cab and Telling Lies), and among the worthy of mention, no less than the most beautiful stories, and if you appreciate this in games, then do not miss it.

Ports — the most interesting nomination, because This Is the Police 2 broke away from Dead Cells by only 2% (33% and 31%, respectively). The most worthy confrontation.

Very Little Nightmares— the best puzzle game

At this point, we finish with games that have won in more than one category and move on to the favorites of the same category.

Several factors played a role here. First, a pretty big name. Yes, a mobile game with an atmospheric platformer can not be compared with a PC, but it feels in its own way and gives unique emotions. Secondly, the experience of developers who previously created the beautiful Love You to Bits and Bring You Home. Third, the approach itself. Paid single-player adventures are becoming rarer today, but the audience that needs them is still there.

GWENT is the best card game

Everything is obvious here. The Witcher 3 is one of the most popular games of the decade, and many fans only play GWENT out of a desire to return to their favorite universe.And it is still quite different from Hearthstone: both stylistically, appearing more adult and gloomy, and in terms of gameplay. There should be even more such competitors, so that each market participant develops even faster on its own.

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale— best RPG

A rather sudden victory for the Apple Arcade exclusive, considering that among the nominees were Battle Chasers: Nightwar, presented on both platforms, and Graveyard Keeper, which many adore.

But it seems that the Slavic flavor, a nice picture and an interesting story did their job. The game was much less popular than the same Oceanhorn 2, but in the end it turned out to be a more pleasant adventure, made with a soul.

Bad North is the best strategy

Another very unexpected choice, given that Bad North is only a stretch strategy. This is rather a minimalistic tactic with elements of a bagel. But do not forget that we are talking about mobile platforms, where even the so-called hardcore gamers are looking for something simpler, and Bad North gives exactly that. Although in this genre, at least five nominees in 2019 were very strong.

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout — the best simulator

A very unusual game that will either enjoy and drag on for dozens of hours, or leave you indifferent. Its main feature is a very detailed simulation of prison life. To escape, you need not just to come up with a plan and pull it off, but not to get caught by the guards, following the usual rhythm of life until the moment of escape. And there are also several escape options for each prison.

Gravity Rider Zero — the best race

Last year, Gravity Rider did not prevent F1 Mobile Racing from becoming the best, but this year the developers released a new version, removing all distractions from it and leaving what users love about the genre-driving. Although the competition this year was a bit tight.

Alien: Blackout — the best horror

The main key to the victory of Blackout is not only the use of a recognizable brand, but also the use of recognizable mechanics. The gameplay of the game resembles FNAF, which at least a young audience adores. You are unlikely to be scared here, but you will spend time with interest.

NBA 2K20-the best sports game

The minimum gap in our voting. Suddenly, basketball won over football. The only interesting thing is that the NBA, which eventually became the leader, costs 450 rubles, and PES is the next update and is distributed for free.

Minecraft Earth — the best augmented reality game

The category where we had to make an exception and choose games that were not officially released in Russia. Minecraft Earth has yet to show itself at the global launch, but even now it can be called an original look at entertainment in augmented reality, perfectly using what the sandbox itself is loved for.

Dota Underlords — the best autobatler

Games of the autobatler genre differ from each other minimally, so the leadership of Dota Underlords and Auto Chess is only a guarantee of popularity. While many are still waiting for the legendary MOBA on mobile, Valve offers them such a minimalistic replacement, which, by the way, is rapidly losing popularity.

Where Cards Fall — the best adventure

This year, there were so many good adventures that it was difficult to choose even five of them, and it was even more surprising that users liked the exclusive Apple Arcade Where Cards Fall the most. The developers really originally beat the idea of using card games and strung it all on a beautiful plot.