Review of DICE+ and board games optimized for it

A new development from Game Technologies is the dream of all fans of digital board games - the digital Bluetooth cube DICE+ has already appeared on sale on the website of the developer studio.

g > Its creators claim that the feeling of physical contact with the cube will make mobile board games much more interesting and realistic. The device itself is not only capable of generating various numbers and colors, but also includes sensors - an accelerometer, a magnetic field sensor and a thermometer, and also has touch surfaces. As a result, players get not just a cube, but an almost full-fledged game controller. By touching its surfaces, you can, for example, cast spells and send them directly to the target, or perform many other actions.

nThe presence of sensors and sensors will always let you know whether the DICE+ was thrown or passed to another player, and the results of any of your actions will be immediately transmitted to the game. In addition, the weight of the battery and the device itself are distributed in such a way that all its sides weigh the same, which means that the result of throwing DICE+ will not be predetermined.

Poka that the list of games that are guaranteed to support DICE+ is not so large, but we hope that it will expand. Representatives of Game Technologies believe that game developers need time to understand the advantages of the device and use its capabilities. In order to attract interest in creating games that support DICE+ , the authors of the idea of the device announced a competition for the best game with a prize pool of 5 thousand dollars. At the moment, the authors of DICE+ are focused on working with the entire range of digital board games presented in the AppStore and Google Play, such as Monopoly, Talisman or Summoner Wars, and are negotiating with their developers.

Who applies to games that work with DICE+ now, they include:


AppStore GooglePlay

Backgammon is a classic backgammon game for two players, a game that works on both iPad and Android devices, bright and colorful, with elements of 3D graphics. The goal of the game is to remove all the chips from the board before your opponent does.

Rumble Stumble

AppStore GooglePlay

Rumble Stumble is a game in the style of the famous " Twister", also developed for Android and iPad. It is designed for two players, and you will use your fingers instead of hands and feet, rearranging them on the colorful cells of the playing field. In this case, DICE+ is used to specify the moves and the color of the cell.

Rainbow Jack

AppStore GooglePlay

Rainbow Jack is a strategy board game in which your moves depend on the actions of your opponent. It is also designed for two players and supports the same platforms.


AppStore GooglePlay

Chuchumba is an entertaining and educational children's board game for a number of players from one to four, developed for Android devices and iPads.

This Way Up

AppStore GooglePlay

This Way Up is another children's walking game that can be played by up to 4 players. In it, players will have to collect animals by making moves.

DICE+ Heroes

AppStore GooglePlay

DICE+ Heroes is a variant of the English game ludo, in which the characters-chips are funny robots. The game is available in both 2D and 3D, on both platforms.

GES If all the previous games were free with the Powered Board Games app, then the next two are paid.

Pirates - The Board Games

AppStore GooglePlay

Pirates - The Board Games, which costs about three dollars, and is a pirate-themed card game. In it, players build their fleet in such a way that it is stronger than the enemy fleet.

Bella and Max

AppStore GooglePlay

Where is the game - Bella and Max. It belongs to the adventure and educational genre, it can be played by one player, and it costs $ 2.99.As you can see, the list of compatible games is really quite modest, but I would like to believe that the developers will still pay attention to such an original device and start optimizing their games for it.