Review of Might Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos-a game that doesn't even need a review

Remember how you reacted to the announcement of Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos? Even if you missed this news at the time, answer the question: what do you think about the prospect of getting those "Heroes"on mobile? Given the popularity of the franchise among Russian-speaking players, this opportunity is certainly pleasing. But if you've played Trials Frontier, Rayman Adventures, or Assassin's Creed Rebellion, you probably know there's a catch. And it is so obvious that to preserve at least some intrigue, I will immediately let you know that this mobile game has minimal connections with the once great series. There are familiar names and titles, but it is better to take them simply as references that do not have a direct connection with the original.

If it will be easier for you, then the Chinese studio Playcrab acts as the direct developer of Era of Chaos, so Ubisoft did not actually mock the franchise, but, let's say, just did not prevent others from doing it.

The next point is in-game purchases. And to preserve even more intrigue, I will not touch them either. My copy of the game had access to items for a certain amount, but I ignored it.

Even if I am now calmer about the desire of other users to pay for such things, even free-to-play games should remain games in the first place, and it is pointless to talk about what this or that amount gives you.

The image shows the first minutes of the game.

So, we got rid of the reasons for praise (although in fact-not praise at all) and harsh criticism. And what do we have in the remainder?

Developers tend to highlight the strengths of their projects, so instead of sticking to their own structure, I decided to go through the features of the game highlighted on its page:

"Huge campaign. Your legend begins." Tasks here, apparently, really a lot, but to call them a full-fledged campaign or adventure language does not turn. This is a set of "battles" (more on them later) mixed with dialogues. The set itself may be huge, but it does not play a special role here."Challenge yourself in a variety of multiplayer modes." I can only agree with the multiplayer modes. There is no question of any diversity here, and no one is testing the force."Lead your clan and destroy the enemy's fortress." Technically, you can not dig in, because you really manage the clan and attack the fortress, but if you touch on the degree of involvement in the process, then there are problems."Collect and lead legendary heroes into battle." This is generally an abstraction. Such slogans are used even in those games where there are no heroes in sight."Think your way to victory" and "Classic game, reinterpreted for mobile devices" are two of the most interesting points, because they are the most misleading.Preparation for the battle " Battle»Remember how in the original "Heroes" you had to place your units on the map before the battle? Here, too, there is such a thing, but no more. But then begins the typical mobile gaming, which even in isolation from comparisons with PC games is perceived poorly. The entire battle is conducted automatically, and you can only occasionally use special skills. If you really want to, then even this action can be automated.

Read more about the gameplay If you still decide to play Era of Chaos, then here is a summary of what awaits you. After joining, each time you enter the game, you will be taken to the main window, which resembles both the city panel from the "Heroes" and the casino app, where everything glitters and sparkles. You will get access to most of the game elements as you acquire a new level: the hero roster-after 24, the campaign-after 26, the store-after 15.

In the process, you will be able to complete various basic and daily tasks and receive in-game items or currency for them. All this is stored in the inventory. The obtained items can be used, thus increasing the experience and other characteristics.

From the main screen, you can control your heroes and units. In the last menu, you will have to spend a really long time consistently improving not only the units themselves, but also their weapons. Without this, you will not be able to increase the level. And the increased level is primarily a power, without which it is impossible to pass new levels. By the way, in-game purchases are needed to accelerate progress. Without them, you just have to go through the same levels in the hope of earning currency.

The main map is used exclusively for navigating through the levels — you can not travel in free mode on it.

Battles, as I have already noted, are the most boring element of the game, because even if you disable the automatic use of skills, nothing depends on you. I continued to successfully win match after match while writing this review, and I didn't experience any difficulties.

All heroes and units attack in their own way and have their own unique abilities, but for you the difference is only in what happens on the screen in terms of visual effects, because the concept of tactics is absent here. The victory is only affected by the actual strength of the squad.

In a sense, multiplayer arena battles speak for the entire game as a whole, because everything happens automatically by default, and you can even skip the battle, allowing the game to simply calculate the outcome.Perhaps you can treat the game more leniently if you perceive it not as a strategy, but as a kind of hero manager, but even in this case there is something to find fault with — you do not decide what and how to develop, but simply pump everything in a row.

But for the art of the game I want to praise whether it is interesting to play it? Not a drop. Yes, I have always loved and continue to love computer and console games more, but in this case I did not even try to compare. I tried to compare it with mobile strategies, but I also left this attempt. I also understand that this game has its own target audience, but such an audience is not interested in either reviews or a familiar name. (I don't know what interests her, but this is a topic for a separate discussion).

In terms of supporting motivation through constant congratulations, rewards and bonuses, the game was a success.

I don't think it makes sense to go into the discussion about what audience this game is intended for or what goals it pursues. Trying to evaluate it from the point of view of a typical game also makes no sense. It doesn't stand up to even the slightest criticism.

I see only one positive side — that Ubisoft uses the earned funds for the revival of the franchise and the release of a good turn-based strategy, but this is not much to hope for.We usually give the games ratings — subjective, but ratings. If I decided to evaluate Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos, the score would be very low, but, in fact, there is nothing to evaluate here. No game — no score.