Review of the Honor Watch GS Pro: for fans of an active lifestyle

In the third quarter of 2020, Honor introduced a new product-the Honor Watch GS Pro smart watch. This accessory belongs to premium devices and includes many useful features. Honor Watch GS Pro will especially appeal to fans of an active lifestyle, as well as all fans of large watches. We have tested the smartwatch and are ready to tell you in detail about all the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

The Watch GS Pro comes in a black square box, complete with a charging station, USB-C cable, and user manual. All three components are located in the box very conveniently and are located in separate compartments. The compact charging station is conveniently magnetized to the back of the watch.

The design of the device looks quite massive and is perfect as a men's accessory in addition to a casual and sporty look. Despite the fact that the watch looks "brutal", they will perfectly suit the female sex, thanks to the adjustment of the strap and the right style. At our disposal were the Honor Watch GS Pro in the color beige melange.

The main surface of the watch is made of polycarbonate, the bezel is made of steel, and the removable straps are silicone. There are two buttons on the case. One opens the application menu, and the other allows you to launch the selected function. The response to pressing the side buttons is good.

The reverse side of the case is made of plastic. It contains four sensors and two contacts for the charging station. You can answer calls and talk with the watch, as there is a microphone and speaker on the back side.

It is worth noting that the sound is quite loud, but not too clear. The built-in microphone works perfectly even at a great distance, but if you constantly fiddle with your hand or the strap is too loose, the sound can be distorted. Also, here you can see the service information about the device.

The device has a moisture protection of 5ATM and allows you to withstand a short immersion in water. With Watch GS Pro, of course, you can do swimming (without jumping into the water), but it is not recommended.


The device is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen. Due to the fact that the watch is quite large, it has a large screen and allows you to read even long messages. The automatic brightness sensor works so well that even in sunny weather, all the information is perfectly readable. The Huawei Health app features 12 dials, but you can download about 150 more. We noticed one drawback: the display does not always turn on when you turn the clock in sleep mode.


The battery is made of Li-Polymer, and the battery capacity is presented at 790mAh. The manufacturer promises up to 25 days of operation in standby mode, and in active mode about 40 hours. We tested the smartwatch and in a week of use, with the constant function of monitoring heart rate, stress level, tracking sleep data, activity, and moderate use of other functions, the battery charge decreased to 64%. The battery charge from zero is about 40-50 minutes when using a 5W power adapter.

The specifications and specifications of the Honor Watch GS Pro are compatible with the Android and IOS operating systems. You can connect the device to your smartphone only through the Huawei Health app, which can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Play Market. The app does a great job of storing and organizing data. All information is presented in an accessible way, thanks to beautiful graphics and bright themes. In addition, in Huawei Health, you can see tips on how to improve your health indicators.

The smartwatch runs on a HUAWEI Kirin A1 processor with 32MB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage. In general, the smartwatch has a nice and fast enough interface. In the operation of the device, we did not see any freezes. Navigation is quite simple, which even a child or an advanced grandmother will understand.

The function of the smart watch is quite wide, starting with a regular pedometer and ending with the measurement of oxygen in the blood. Let's go through the main functions:

Training-provides you with a choice of 13 courses of running in different ways and different distances, as well as 18 sports. During training, your heart rate, time, distance, GPS route, performance, and many other indicators are measured.Workout Status - lets you know the status and dynamics of your fitness over the past week, and also provides an opportunity to review and change your workout plan.Heart rate monitoring-round-the-clock monitoring and storage of heart rate data, measurements during training and at rest. You can also set an acceptable heart rate threshold (the device will warn you if your heart rate is exceeded by 10 seconds) and set up notifications about a high heart rate.SpO2-measures the oxygen level in the blood. This function detects data only in full rest mode. Make sure that the watch is properly worn and the strap is securely fastened.

Activity-Measures steps, average and high load duration, and activity hours (the time you spent standing).Sleep Monitoring-collects data and sleep status. The device detects the time of falling asleep and waking up, as well as the sleep phases and the quality of breathing.Stress Level Check - allows you to track one-time or regular data on your stress level.Breathing exercises-help relieve stress levels or restore breathing after a workout.In addition to the main functions, the smart watch has many additional functions: stopwatch; timer; alarm clock; flashlight; compass; weather forecast; allow you to display messages; play music; "Phone search" (the smartphone starts making a sound); "Remove water" (after visiting the pool); "Return path" (allows you to follow your route in the opposite direction); barometer and others.

The cost of the Google Watch GS Pro can be purchased in Russia from 14.580 rubles. The smartwatch is available in two colors: beige melange and charcoal black.

HONOR Watch GS Pro turned out to be a universal model. It competently combines everyday and sports functions, and also provides record autonomy. The novelty is distinguished by a high-quality display, an ergonomic design and an intuitive interface. Fans of an active lifestyle will appreciate the increased protection of the accessory from external influences and professionally implemented training modes that provide all kinds of sensors for measuring health indicators.