RusDate app review: online dating with real profiles

Thanks to mobile devices that provide us with constant Internet access, we carry a whole world with us – and in it we communicate with friends, search for information, work and get acquainted. Communication and online dating have become commonplace. The Internet has erased the borders between countries and now you can find your soulmate anywhere, regardless of where you live.

Dating sites have been around for a long time, but with the spread of mobile technologies, online dating services have also acquired smartphone apps - they allow you to be always in touch, and monitor the status of your profile and communicate with new friends, wherever you are.

The problem with most applications of this kind is the language barrier, which still exists, despite the spread of English on the Web as a universal international language of communication. Even if you speak conversational English, you will not be able to speak as much detail as possible on all topics, and in the case of finding your soulmate, detailed and deep communication is expected.

That is why the service was created, and with it the RusDate dating app, designed primarily for the Russian-speaking audience. It is designed to help residents of the CIS countries and the Russian-speaking diaspora from Canada, the United States, Germany, Israel and other countries to find people who are close in spirit and finally meet their love.

The RusDate app is aimed at those who prefer Russian as a language for communication, but its peculiarity is not only in this. Its huge advantage is the ability to filter out fake profiles and "dead souls", which in other dating services have divorced a great many. For this purpose, the four-step verification of the questionnaire provided in it serves. It is completely free and offers you verification by photo, social network account, email, and phone number. You can pass only one stage of verification or all four-in the latter case, your application will be marked in a special way. Naturally, fully verified questionnaires are more reliable and more likely to attract attention.

Interface and functionality In general, the RusDate interface is very simple and convenient. The developers did not burden it with excessive functionality, achieving maximum ease of use. Registration in it is very fast, with the indication of the name, age, gender and email address, or, even faster-through social networks.

To start using the app, you will have to fill out your application form in a little more detail, and these details will determine how quickly you will be interested. In addition to the photo, it is desirable, although not necessary, to indicate education, specialty, appearance parameters, hobbies and hobbies, if desired-character traits, religion, diet and habits. The application allows you to fill out the questionnaire with 30 photos and supports high-quality images.

RusDate provides filters for a variety of criteria, which makes it easier for you to find a potential partner. You can set up search filters based on age, region, photo availability, or the presence or absence of children.

The region, by the way, can also be specified using geolocation – this way, the app will show you only those users who are close to you-if, of course, you choose the search criteria nearby. In addition, you can view the profiles of only those users who are currently online in the "online" mode, or those who are active and have visited the app in the last couple of days – this is also a good way to weed out those"dead souls".

A very convenient feature of the application is the ability to quickly select the user you like by photo using the game "Likes". You put a" like " in the form of a heart to the person who managed to interest you, and if this sympathy is mutual, you will quickly find out about it.

If you write, the application will send a notification not only to your phone, but also to your email-if you want, you can set this parameter in the settings Here you can also set a password, which is important for the privacy of your communication. In addition, the settings allow you to filter incoming messages according to your search criteria – so you can cut off those users who do not meet these criteria, and thus save yourself from unnecessary attention.

Communication and additional opportunities Samo communication is implemented here in the form of a messenger, which is convenient and familiar to most users. The so-called "pick - up phrases" - a few basic standard, but attention-grabbing messages already prepared in the app-will help you start communicating. In addition, the quality of your communication can be affected by cute gifts, which are also provided in RusDate. Let them be virtual, but this sign of attention will not go unnoticed, believe me.

The app provides in-game purchases, meaning it is not completely free. But, thanks to this, you will not meet fake characters in it, you will be able to give gifts and promote your profile in the search, highlight it, attract attention to it, and also activate the invisible mode to view the profiles of potential new acquaintances.

As you can see, the RusDate service is well and thoroughly thought out, in it the developers managed to implement a lot of convenient functions that simplify the procedure for finding new acquaintances, make it fast, safe, and, most importantly, easy and pleasant.

The RusDate app is already available for download in the AppStore and Google Play. Its authors have done a good job, so if you are interested in meeting and communicating with new people, and you liked this app, support the developers with five stars – they deserve it.

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