Smartphones with the best design of 2020: Mi 10T Pro, Lenovo Legion and others

Among the variety of smartphone models, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Sophisticated users have already seen a lot, they will not be surprised by huge screens-waterfalls, the absence of " bangs", perforation for a selfie camera and under-screen fingerprint scanners.

Glass, metal, and ceramics were already there, as were the cell blocks – round and rectangular. So, what interesting things will we see in smartphones with the best design in 2020, have the developers managed to offer us something that deserves attention? It seems so.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

The Mi 10T Pro model managed to stand out among its counterparts, and you can hardly argue with this. The smartphone really looks very stylish and catches the eye-first of all, thanks to the matte back cover made of glass.

Due to the unusual matte coating, the impression of a light gradient is created, although the cover itself is made in a mono-shade. Glass, at the same time, is very similar to ceramics. What else should be noted – an unusual, very interesting-looking camera unit and a flat screen, which seem to be coming back into fashion.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Getting into the rating and a high place in it of this model is not surprising. Yes, in it you will see the standard for the flagships of 2020, a large curved screen with an oval window for a dual front camera and a tempered glass case enclosed in an aluminum frame. And yes, it looks typical. But here's a block of cameras..

It was he who became the highlight of the model due to its original shape. The cameras are located in a black ring on the back of the case. It would seem that we have not seen any forms, but this is definitely the first time we have seen such a form, and it looks really interesting.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

Gaming smartphones always look bright and are often equipped with the backlight that gamers love so much. But that's not what impresses the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. The developers used a very original design solution in the design of the model – they placed the retractable front camera not in the upper part of the case, but on the side.

This non-standard idea is designed to make it easier for gamers to stream the gameplay, which mainly takes place in landscape mode. The main camera is also located not in the usual upper corner, but in the center of the rear panel of the case. And this, again, is a design decision related to gaming – so that your fingers do not close it while using the gadget. And all this together looks cool, you will agree.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The design of this smartphone was, in a way, a return to the ideas of Steve Jobs: the screen and body are made of flat glass, with an aluminum frame surrounding them. No curvature, everything is concise and strict. In addition, the device is compact and easy to use with one hand, which has long been a rarity in the era of huge phablets.

Another plus is the variety of colors of the case, among which red and mint stand out.

realme 7 Pro

If the front panel and screen of the realme 7 Pro look familiar and do not offer original design solutions, then the back cover of the case of this device is just the opposite. It is made of a matte material and is visually divided into two parts, each of which refracts light differently.

Due to this, there is an overflow effect with a change of shades, which makes a very pleasant visual impression, distinguishing the smartphone from the general mass.