Super Bomberman 4

Bagular is on to something evil again! but this time, he's going back in time to the prehistoric age and try to use the dinosaurs against you! Get ahead of him by playing this challenging arcade and strategy game - Super Bomberman 4! Super Bomberman 4 is an arcade and strategy game for the SNES gaming platform released way back in 1996. The story is a sequel to Super Bomberman 3 where the events take place after your previous victory, not knowing that Bagular had escaped his prison and orchestrates a new plan to get revenge on white and black Bomberman. You will travel in time and team up with Bomberman from the past. The game has two playable game modes, a Normal Game where you play according to the story and Battle Game which is similar to a skirmish mode. Keep progressing to unlock playable Bomberman characters! Good luck!


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