Space Marshals 2, Sacred Legends and 6 more new games (August 2016)

The end of summer pleased us with several bright and expected sequels, a wide range of RPGs of different types and, of course , not without puzzles, strategies and endless arcades.

In a word, both dynamics, and action, and quiet reflections - last week we had enough of everything a little.

Space Marshals 2


It is unlikely that this sequel from Pixelbite needs ideas – many gamers were looking forward to continuing the story of the bounty hunter from the future. The combination of sci-fi locations with adventure gameplay in the style of the Wild West and elements of a two-button shooter could not fail to captivate players, so it is not surprising that Burton's travels through the galaxy and his hunt for criminals continue.

Riptide GP: Renegade

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The release of this water racer from the developers of Vector Unit gamers were looking forward to, and it was worth the wait. The game impresses with great graphics, thoughtful physics of water behavior, assortment of powerful and high-speed rocket boats and, of course, tracks – complex and spectacular. You are waiting for super-fast racing and dangerous stunts, creating your own team and competing with bosses – and the career mode and multiplayer will not let fans of the drive and lovers of thrills get bored.

Sacred Legends

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G In this fantasy RPG, you will stand up for the world of Ancaria to expel hordes of demons and monsters from it. You are waiting for battles with the fiends of darkness, PvP arenas and encounters with necromancers, a lot of treasures and upgrades, the ability to create teams and fight together with the forces of evil. All this takes place against the background of beautifully drawn locations and pleases with thoughtful gameplay - however, we did not expect anything else from the FISHLABS studio.

Dungeon Warfare

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Here you will find the original genre of tower defense from the studio Valsar, which is set, surprisingly, in a dungeon. You will have to defend your underground stronghold, erecting defenses and traps, destroying brazen invaders and engaging in constant upgrades.


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The main character of this puzzle game from Lemon Jam Studio, a girl named Misty, lives in a maze, but, having lost her memory, is not able to find her home. Only you can help her find her way home and overcome all the obstacles: 60 levels of puzzles in 4 sections of the game - this is a lot, so you will have something to occupy yourself for a couple of evenings.

Shadow Quest RPG

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Here the developers from Magicindie offer you a strategic RPG in which your task is to create a team of 4 heroes, collecting unique characters and completing a variety of quests. Classic role-playing techniques are combined with elements from the well-known Minesweeper and a modern, well-developed combat system.



RPG and roguelike mixes have recently been found on mobile platforms more and more often, but this game from Righteous Hammer Games Inc. will please gamers with another innovation – in it you will find, among other things, elements of solitaire that are built into the game in a rather original way. They will help you to accumulate energy to participate in the battles, the outcome of which depends on the fate of your kingdom.

Rolling Rapids


RN One week on mobile platforms does not pass without the appearance of an endless game in the style of Crossy Road, and this is no exception. Voxel graphics are still in fashion, and in Rolling Rapids from AppVant Garde studio you will find cartoon characters drawn in this style. In it, you have to swim along the river, avoiding collisions with obstacles and escaping from crocodiles, trying to hold out as long as possible and overcome the maximum distance.