Super Mario Run-How to masterfully control a character and win the Toad Rally

Nintendo Super Mario Run is created on the Mario platform, but still differs in many ways from other editions of the series. Especially auto-running will force the veterans of the game line to work hard and master new controls. This is especially important for those who want to become a leader in the Toad Rally mode. To take part in such a competitive race, you must have special tickets. To win - you need to get the maximum number of points, they are awarded for the collected coins and risky jumps that will impress the in-game audience. This mode is quite complex, so the following tips and tricks will be very useful.

R Long Jump

As in other Mario games, this one also has a high jump system. It depends on the duration of pressing the screen before the jump. Mastering this technique will take a little time. In practice, the player will be able to alternate between long and short jumps, which will not only help to avoid dangers, but also lead to additional rewards. It is better to train and hone your skills at the first level of the game.

Don't forget about the new Mario moves

R Super Mario Run does have some interesting and new moves. Some of them are activated automatically, depending on the environment, others require the help of tools that can be found in the levels. For example, Mario can grab the ledges and pull himself up if he hits the top of the platform. This is a very important step forward, because now you don't have to constantly jump over obstacles, you just need to get closer to a safe place. In Toad Rally mode, this movement will not only bring additional coins, but also attract the attention of new viewers.

Another new movement is a jump from the wall. This action has become a very important element of the game. Game locations are crowded with vertical platforms and at such moments, you need to resort to a new element. From the point of view of execution, this kind of jump is quite simple, just click on Mario, while sliding on the wall, so that he jumps in the opposite direction. In any case, the skill needs to be honed, it is necessary to calculate the jump distance in your head, if necessary, immediately perform this action and just train in practice. Then success in Toad Rally can not be avoided!

rthe new movement is the long jump. Some levels will have speed blocks that will push Mario forward if he stands on them. This jump is a great way to get a huge amount of coins, including secret ones. Thanks to it, you can quickly pass the difficulties on the level or get to a new location. The long jump requires more practice than the previous moves. Before using it in Toad Rally, it is better to practice on 1-3 levels of the game.

Gnakonets, there are several level elements that also affect the auto-running of Mario. A stop block, for example, will stop the character until the player taps the screen. There are blocks that change the direction of movement or jump of Mario. They will help you earn extra coins, but you should not forget about the time allotted for completing the level, sometimes it is better not to delay it.

G Follow the prompts

This last tip will help you win the Toad Rally. In the race, you can take your time and follow the opponent, sometimes he leads to hidden areas. But in essence, they can be discovered on their own, because the levels are littered with hints that point to a certain action or set the right path. Studying such elements is the best way to discover the secret places that will lead to victory over the enemy.