Tank Domination: tips and hints

Starting tank battles in the game Tank Domination from Game Insight, you should listen to a few tips that may be quite useful and timely.

Control in this game is carried out due to several zones on the screen: on the left there is a joystick that allows you to move your tank, and the right side is responsible for turning the tower. In addition, the movement button is located on the left side of the screen, and the shooting and zoom buttons are located on the right.

in the beginning of the game, you get into a team of ten players, whose task will be to capture the enemy base and keep it as long as possible from grouping enemy tanks, which, by the way, are also ten. The secondary task is to destroy enemy tanks. It should be noted that the tasks are by no means easy, since each player has only one life, so it will be more difficult to hold the base than you think.

G In between battles, you will have to buy more ammunition, but each tank has its number of course, which means that in battle you will be able to shoot a strictly defined number of times. If you run out of ammo, you will still be able to deal damage to the enemy just by colliding with them, but this method is not too good, since you take damage no less than your opponent.

If your combat vehicle is damaged, return to the hangar only if you have another tank. If not, wait for the end of the game, after which you can start all over again.

U you will be able to maintain your equipment in a state of operability, improve it by increasing the speed, quality of armor and distance to a possible target. In addition to upgrades, you are also waiting for pover ups-temporary, but powerful bonuses. At first, you will not be able to buy new tanks, but then as you develop and grow, you will have to do this.

Who concerns the gameplay, then remember a few tips:

- On different maps of the area, you should use different strategies, so for example, on small maps it is much more convenient to move slowly, slowly and studying the surroundings;

- On large levels-on the contrary, you need to move very quickly, using the strategy "run-and-gun" and trying to attack enemies from a distance;

- Do not forget to change weapons, taking into account the damage they cause, as well as monitor the condition of the armor;

- As soon as possible, buy a second tank, so that you have a replacement in case of damage to the first.

gI the last, perhaps the most important advice: sometimes you should not spend much less time in the hangar than in battle, since careful preparation of the battle is the key to its success. Therefore, pay special attention to the equipment of your tank, thereby bringing your victory closer.