the 10 best games with a deep branched plot for iOS and Android

Among the mass of various adventure games, you can distinguish a separate subgenre-games in the style of "choose-your-own-adventure"("choose-your-own-adventure"), which remind us of game books or ordinary books. They always have a deep branched plot, a fascinating narrative and, of course, elements of choice.

Bez your choice and constant decision - making, such games would not be so interesting. Developing titles of this type is a complex and time-consuming process, as the authors need to take into account the consequences of any choice you make.

hymno so not so many studios work in this genre. We present the best "choose-you-own-adventure" games that exist on the Android platform and deserve your attention.

Sorcery! Part 3

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Gstudiya Inkle is well known for its gamebooks, but it manages to add much more gameplay to them than its competitors do. Sorcery! Part 3 - this is exactly what it is. In it, in addition to the elements of the classic gamebook, you will find an open world and an original combat system. Moreover, the battles will be much more interesting and dynamic than you can imagine.

Gary Chalk's Gun Dogs

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Tin Man Games is one of the most prolific studios working in the genre of adventure games and gamebooks. The most interesting thing is that this does not happen at the expense of quality. Its development of Gun Dogs is based on fantasy adventures and is built on a special engine developed by the studio itself. The narrative of this game is characterized by depth, and its visual elements are created by the famous fantasy illustrator Gary Chalk.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

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G In this game from BulkyPix, you will find not only a carefully written plot, but also a turn-based combat system implemented in 3D, which is unexpected for this genre - usually this style is typical for RPGs. The famous Joe Dever managed to make the gameplay of Lone Wolf very exciting and not to focus only on the narrative, and this is not possible for everyone.

The Walking Dead

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Gigs from Telltale are recognizable, and you are unlikely to confuse them with the titles of other developers. They have a lot of retro adventure games, the plot is also present, but the most important thing is the decisions that you need to make. They are the driving force behind The Walking Dead. Its post-apocalyptic world is beautiful with a kind of eerie beauty, it fascinates and frightens at the same time, and your decisions lead to the most unexpected consequences and a lot of surprises, only occasionally pleasant.

Mecha Ace

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Gstudiya Choice of Games has made this game quite traditional - it has a lot of text and little graphics. The plot here is well and thoroughly spelled out, and your choice, as always, depends on yourself. Mecha Ace is an example of a classic gamebook with elements of sci-fi and space opera, and it should be noted that the gamebook turned out to be very successful.

Sol Invictus

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G Among other games, this development of the Cubus Games studio stands out for its dark style and rather violent plot. The action in it develops against the background of an alien invasion, and your decisions often lead to the most unpredictable consequences. The authors managed to combine a well-thought-out story and excellent visual parameters in one development.

Ryan North's To Be Or Not To Be

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Kak you can see, the studio Tin Man Games distinguished itself again, again being on our list. This time you will not find any fiction in the game - on the contrary, you will find yourself in the Middle Ages and immerse yourself in Shakespearean times. In this game, in addition to serious plot elements, there is also a solid dose of humor, and beautiful illustrations complement the overall picture.

80 Days

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gI is again an Inkle studio with a well-known development in the subject of Jules Verne novels. This steampunk story is set against the backdrop of a round – the-world journey of two famous characters-Phileas Fogg and Passepartout. The outcome of their adventures depends directly on your decisions and on the choices you make. Externally, the game looks very stylish, and its plot is really fascinating.

Game of Thrones


gEta development studio Telltale Games is based on the same principles as The Walking Dead. You'll get a classic point-and-click experience set against a backdrop of 3D graphics and storytelling with interactive elements. The storyline of this game is different from the one that is known to us from the books and the TV series, it is quite complex, but very interesting.

Appointment with F. E. A. R.

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Bittersweet adventure game from Tin Man Games, which touches on the superhero theme. It has enough dynamics, and, at the same time, depth – and this is not such a common combination.